A tour of Andela Kenya, arguably the largest tech campus in Africa

by | Aug 8, 2019

Sitting on a 2.662 acres of land, Andela’s campus in Nairobi, Kenya is the largest among all its campuses and possibly the largest campus by a technology company in Africa.

Dubbed ‘The Dojo’, the campus currently houses about 650 people but has the capacity to accommodate almost 1,300 conveniently.

Let’s take you on a tour of the campus.


Biggest reception in the biggest campus

After the security check at the entry, the first point of contact is the reception which is the biggest in all of  Andela’s campuses at the moment.

The cozy waiting area

Developer Relations Manager, Mercy Orangi welcomes the Techpoint team

Andela Kenya Office 45 of 48

Mercy Orangi

Jakana Kiwanuka, a Software Developer at Andela is our tour guide

Andela Kenya Office 25 of 48

Jakana Kiwanuka (left)

The main building

The main building on the campus is made up of two adjoining blocks: one has three floors and the other, four. Accessing any floor in the main building requires unlocking the door with your fingerprint or identity card tag.

Every floor has dedicated lockers where people can keep their belongings. Getting a locker isn’t automatic, it’s given on request.

There are a couple of other buildings aside from the main building.


The workspaces

The Andela campus in Nairobi adopts the open space office structure, with the exception of some departments that have closed offices. Such departments include the general procurement and finance departments. The country director also has a closed office as well.

A tribute to Nelson Mandela

Just like its Lagos campus, Andela’s Nairobi campus also features artwork of former South African President, Nelson Mandela, whom the company is named after.

Meeting rooms

There are meeting rooms of all sizes on every floor of the two blocks and these meeting rooms are named after African cities. The meeting rooms are available to anyone, however, one has to book ahead of time in order to reserve the space.

Some of the meeting rooms have a tablet at the entrance with which bookings can be made. Aside from the tablet, meeting rooms can also be reserved via Google Calendar.

The booking platform on the tablet was developed in-house

Andela Nairobi Campus 7

The tablet to reserve the meeting bigger rooms

And more rooms!!!

Aside from the big meeting rooms and closed offices, there are tens of small rooms that can only accommodate one or two users at a time all over the campus. People make use of these rooms when making calls or for some private time.

There are also some other open spaces for a little privacy

The amphitheatre which functions as a meeting room for large gatherings

Another meeting venue

Andela Kenya Office 29 of 48

The Country Director’s office

Andela Kenya Office 30 of 48

Janet Maingi, Country Director, Andela Kenya

Aside from her office, the country director also has a dedicated meeting room. Although people can also use her meeting room, bookings have to be made through her executive secretary.

Workspace for newbies

The freshest faces and engineers on the campus are housed in a tent. The tent is named after a region in Kenya called Tsavo. There’s also Hogwarts which houses the engineers before they are moved to various departments or projects.



The sitting arrangement at Hogwarts is meant to simulate a good working relationship among the engineers.

Leisure, entertainment and others

The quiet room

There are a couple of quiet rooms on the campus for people that want to take a nap or have a quiet time.

The cafeteria

There’s a cafeteria within the campus and it’s open all day long in order to cater to people that work in the night. Everyone is entitled to two meals per day.

According to Jakana, most people leave their phones behind when visiting the cafeteria to encourage physical human interaction.

Indoor soccer pitch which is also used for rugby training as well as yoga classes

Game room

The beauty of the campus from outside

Something for the kids

As of mid-July, 2019, a nursery is being set up within the campus to cater for kids of staff members.

Andela Kenya Office 42 of 48

The nursery

This brings us to the end of the tour of the largest Andela campus.

Do you think your office is cooler? Invite us to take a tour through our lens.

Yinka Awosanya
Yinka Awosanya

Mobile & African Tech Enthusiast │ Data Analyst │ Music

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