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The things that keep you going, tell us

April 25, 2019 · 1 min read
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What inspires you? What makes you so psyched that you want to achieve all your goals, unlock new levels of success and make a difference?

Is it the chirping of the birds you hear when you wake up every morning, the awe that is nature or the strong belief that people around you have in your capabilities?

The efforts by great men and women around the world to make a difference? Society’s advancement and groundbreaking technologies created by great minds? Or is the random acts of kindness shown by random people you meet every day? Or simply hope?

Whatever it is, there is no one right way to be inspired. It is personal and the feeling of inspiration is derived from what is important to you and what drives you towards ingenuity.

It can be as spontaneous and as seemingly simple as the smell of fresh fruits or your baby’s voice. Or as weighty as a life and career decision. Anything or multiple things that inspire you.

It is easy to look around Africa and see things that do the opposite of inspiring. However, despite the continent’s challenges, Africans are excelling all over the world and the continent is advancing, albeit very slowly.

We all have something that inspires us. Why are you inspired? Tell us by making a video of yourself sharing your inspiration with the world, just like the video below.

Join the trend by sharing the video on your social media; Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and even LinkedIn using the hashtag #IAmInspiredBecause and tag us Twitter (@techpointdotng), Facebook (@techpointafrica) and Instagram (@techpointafrica).

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