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Home of Terraformers: A tour of Terragon’s alluring new HQ in Lagos

December 17, 2018 · 4 min read
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Terragon is a global data and marketing communications company with its headquaters in Lagos, Nigeria.

“Our propriety product is Terragon Adrenaline which is our online and offline advertising product,” says Maureen Ogah, Marketing and Communications Lead at Terragon Group.

The company also has a mobile survey platform called the Terragon Audience Platform and Terragon CRM that helps brands to drive engagement, conversions and retentions using mobile.

“We have a reach of over 80 million unique Nigerians, which we have been able to reach online and offline.

As an extension of its Lagos office, the company has a tech hub in Ife that helps select students of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) get practical real-life works skills and applications of school work.

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Terragon has operations in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon and India.

“We recently acquired Bizense, an Indian marketing technology team and currently have 12 people working from our Indian office. Three of them are working from here at the moment,” tells Maureen.

With Maureen as our tour guide, we took a tour of the Terragon headquarters located in the Victoria Island area of Lagos.

Maureen is our tour guide for today

Fun fact; did you know that Terragon staff are referred to as Terraformers? We’ll find out more about the name later in the tour.

Now, to the tour!

You’re welcomed to the Terragon office by a vending machine that has a variety of drinks and snacks.

The reception has a cool and welcoming ambience

The ground floor is referred to as the Technical Floor

The tech and products team, led by the Ayodeji Balogun, Terragon Group CTO, works from here.

Ayodeji Balogun, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Terragon Group

First point of contact on the floor is the Squad Area

From here on, we’ll refer to Ayodeji as “Deji”. He’ll take us through our tour of this floor.

According to Deji, this area is called the Squad Area because this is where people from different teams; dev ops, machine learning, product, data or engineering, meet to work on a project, until is done.

“When the project is complete, the team is disolved and everyone goes back to their designated work areas.”

Squad meeting in progress

Check out this work space/background for product photography

The products, data science, machine learning and enterprise engineering teams work from this space

Three members of the Indian team

The software engineering, data engineering, dev ops and infrastructure teams work from here

An unconventional meeting room

See how it looks more of a lounge than a meeting room? Goes to show us that meeting rooms can be unconventional.

Data centre

The Entertainment Floor

At the centre of this floor is the kitchen. Staff members get free breakfast from Monday to Friday.

On the right is National Stadium and on the left is Bar Beach

Bar Beach

Just like you go to the beach to relax, Bar Beach at the Terragon office is where team members go to relax. Peep the plate number on the Danfo — “TER-1-VI.”

Peep the guy on the far corner, for punching to relieve stress. Another fun fact; it’s tougher than it looks.

National Stadium

This part of the floor is not as fun as the rest. So you have to “hold ya change” before you go in.

“The theatre is for team-wide meetings and events. This space can take at least 60 people,” Maureen tells us.

There’s an outdoor space!

“Here, team members come to hold mini meetings or work when the sun is not too much. And it has a view.”

The HR team works from the Entertainment Floor

“We are at the centre of all the fun and entertainment, says Michael Etukudoh, Talent Resource, Business Advisor at Terragon.”

According to Michael, 96 people work from the Lagos headquarters and 90% of them are millenials.

“Millenials have so many expectations and demands, and we’re here to help manage them. That’s why we have a conducive work environment, free breakfast from Monday to Friday and we organise random TGIFs and quarterly team bonding exercises.”

The HR team

The Marketing floor

As its name suggests, the marketing team works from here. The team includes social media managers, accounts managers and sales team.

Everyone on the team has a designated locker. The locker is designed with the Terragon colours, green and orange.


The company culture on display to motivate team members

Words to live by…

“Make we yan”

A meeting room for the members of the marketing team.

Still on the marketing floor…

The advertising operations (ad ops), research and strategy and creatives teams work from this space

Appropriately situated behind the Creatives Team is art work of the Terraformer

“We are called Terraformers because we are expected to be willing to change and bend to fill any role and mode that is required of us. Just as transformers, Terraformers are expected to be dynamic,” Maureen explains.

The Leadership floor

The leadership and finance team works from this floor. You are welcomed to this floor in 13 African languages.

“No one knows Africans like we do”

A few awards won by Terragon Group in the past

CEO’s office

Elo Umeh, CEO of Terragon Group

Other members of the Leadership team

This hallway leads to the offices of the offices of the leadership and finance teams. It also has the brand logo of green and orange.

The Boardroom

The boardroom is my favourite place in the Terragon office. The lighting is perfect, the set up is sleek and it has a very cozy ambience. Trust me, these pictures do not do the space justice.

Random shots of other Terraformers

We come to the end of our tour of the Terragon office. As you saw during the tour, Terragon is big on a flexibilty, collaboration and inclusiveness in the work place.

Do you think your office is cooler? Invite us to take a tour through our lens.

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