You can now access Instagram without being online

April 21, 2017
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Instagram now has an updated feature which makes it possible to keep enjoying Instagram even when offline.

Social media platforms are owning up to the idea of enabling access in spite of poor internet connections. The popular Facebook Lite, for example, was built in order to help developing countries with poor internet connectivity issues and the recently launched 'Twitter Lite' was made to tackle similar issues such as slow mobile networks, lack of adequate storage on mobile devices and expensive data plans.

With the prevalent 'Lite' initiative, it isn't surprising that Instagram is also joining in this race in making its platform available at all means.

Though Instagram has not come up with a 'Lite' version, the new upgrade will make it possible for users to view their accounts offline.



Instagram users will be able to view news-feed, like, comment and share feed offline.

With attention shifting gradually by the day to offline platforms, and cheaper means of accessing social media platform, it is hard to decipher if this is beneficial or a menace.

Are the offline platforms a blessing?

Confused Black Woman

Several have argued that social media is addictive. In developing world however, this addictiveness is curbed by the constraint of data which makes people switch off their connectivity for extended periods during the day.

But with these recent 'Lite' initiatives, beyond serving as a solution for people who reside in communities with poor/ limited internet connectivity, social media addictiveness could spin to a rise.

Certainly more people will be able to access social media platforms, which is a blessing, but internet service providers may begin to run at loss because there would  be a limited number of subscribers, if the offline social media features advance much more.

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