7 brilliant Christmas gift ideas under ₦25,000

December 09, 2016 · 3 min read
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Christmas is upon us and several shops (both virtual and physical) are putting up fancy decorations to reflect the season. In the spirit of this festivity, you are most likely thinking of a gift for that special friend, child, colleague or spouse.

Finding a suitable christmas gift that will not bore a big hole in your pocket is a bit tasking,  no thanks to the Naira. However, we intend to make shopping easy for you by bringing you gadgets under ₦25,000.

Portable Power Bank

One item that would always be appropriate as a gift (thanks to PHCN’s inconsistent supply of electricity), is a portable power bank. A 30000mAh power bank can make a whole world of difference when it is fully charged.


Who is it for: Everyone in possession of a smartphone needs this.

Where to buy: Jumia (Universal 30000mAh Power Bank : ₦4,500), Konga (Samsung 20000mAh Powerbank : ₦8,000).

External Hard Drive

As the months go by, the amount of personal data generated keeps increasing. Storing these files requires effective storage devices. A 1TB or 2TB external hard drive is a gift that anyone with the system memory blinking red will appreciate. Your Instagram page will love you for this!


Who is it for: Everyone.

Where to buy: Jumia (Western Digital 1TB My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive : ₦23,333), Konga (Western Digital 1TB External Hard Drive : ₦25,000).

Selfie Stick

A good selfie is hardly complete without these rods. This season, social media will be flooded with images. Getting that perfect shot will require a good and flexible selfie stick.


Who is it for: Selfie lovers/Instagram addicts.

Where to buy: Jumia (Universal Wireless Remote Control Selfie Stick Monopod with Foldable Tripod : ₦3,540 ), Konga (Selfie Tripod With Wireless Bluetooth Remote Controller : ₦2,450).

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Gifting a forgetful friend a Tile bluetooth tracker and he (or she) will love you forever. The tiny bluetooth device track lost items through a mobile app. Tile also has a ring your phone feature that can help find a lost phone within range.Think of it as doing yourself a favour, you don’t have to join in the search party.


Who is it for: Everyone (especially your absent-minded buddies).

Where to buy: Jumia (Tile Bluetooth Tracker : ₦7,190 ), Konga (Tile Bluetooth Tracker : ₦4,500 ).

Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lamp

Gifting a bluetooth speaker with a LED Lamp to someone might just help add an ambience to their home or office.


Who is it for: Everyone.

Where to buy: Jumia (Bluetooth Speaker with Led Lamp : ₦8,500 ), Konga (Bluetooth Speaker with Led Lamp : ₦7,500).

Smartwatch with tracker for kids

Letting go of the kids to visit friends and have fun during the festive period is inevitable for parents. A colourful but smart wristwatch with a tracker may help calm your nerves when your kids are away from home.


Who is it for: Children (6 – 10 years old).

Where to buy: Konga (GPS Tracker Smartwatch for Kids with SOS Emergency Call : ₦16,500).

Gift Cards

When out of options on what to get that special friend, child, spouse or colleague, you can actually get them a gift card. Think about the card as a blank cheque. They get to choose what they want for christmas, thanks to you.


Who is it for: Everyone.

Where to buy: SureGifts Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, Konga e-Gift Voucher, Emerald Gift Card.

Photo Credit: myhsu via Compfight cc

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