The diary of an ‘End of the year Spender’

January 12, 2016 · 1 min read
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So I got someone’s diary and the individual agreed to allow me share his thoughts on how 2015 was a disaster financially for him. The quote below is an excerpt from his dairy. I definitely know this dude isn’t the only one going through this:

So I just spent a large portion of my savings having a fun filled end of the year celebration and my bank sent my bank statement last week. Every Naira counts right now and the eateries aren’t getting that last change. Even the gala seller in traffic isn’t getting my Naira this January.

January 31st is looking far right now, and the bills just started coming in. I believe a tech entrepreneur out there can help prevent this occurrence from happening again. I definitely know I am not the only one asking for my money back from the loaners. If only I had saved last year, probably kept my savings out of my reach maybe I will be smiling while paying my bills.
What if there’s an app that deducts certain amount of money from my bank account monthly through my credit card and saves it for me only to be accessed at a particular time. I will definitely have floating cash right now for an extra gala and some chill smoothie if I can get one in this Lagos Traffic.

Listening to Adele’s Hello right now feels like my wallet is actually singing to me. Well 31 days in January isn’t that bad but it’s definitely long.

It’s definitely painful flipping through my bank statement also and thinking what if I had saved some Naira notes too. But its a new year so new resolution I guess.

Photo credit: Seun Sanni

Emmanuel Ogunsola

Emmanuel Ogunsola


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