4 things to do when the Internet goes out

April 29, 2015
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This article was published in 2015

Last night, for whatever reason, the internet connection in my house was virtually non-existent on both fronts (I’m about one more bad night away from finally quitting this abusive relationship I have with my internet provider).

Anyway, during my internet blackout, I found myself having no idea what to do. Like seriously, I was practically useless, and I know a lot of you feel the same way when the internet goes out (don’t deny it).

So, I decided to make up a pretty helpful list of things to do when this tragedy strikes.


Read a Book

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Seriously, when was the last time you read anything? No, blog posts and tweets don’t count. Come on, pick up a book, fictional or otherwise, paperback or e-book, and just immerse yourself, if only for a day, in a world that isn’t totally obsessed with what the Kardashians are doing.

Call your Friends


Don’t make that face. When last did you call your friend? Not a text, not a DM, not a WhatsApp message, but an actual call. Why not give your friendship that added boost by pretending you actually wanted to hear their voice, and not that you had no internet connection to just send a BBM message instead (it’s not like they’d know).

Take a Walk


This article was published in 2015.

The world is currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic. If your city is on lockdown, please stay at home. If you feel unwell, please self-isolate. Together, we can stop the spread.

I remember asking a friend to take a walk with me and he straight up asked me “what white nonsense is that?” Well, my non-white mother always forced me to go for walks, constantly reminding me that they do wonders for your mood by releasing your body’s natural happy drugs — endorphins. So why not? It’s free, it’s simple, and it’s good for your health.

Play the Google Chrome Game


Let’s say the internet just goes down for like a couple minutes and you’re stuck looking at that sad, helpless dinosaur you see in your Google Chrome browser, well if you didn’t know that the dinosaur is also the main character in a secret game hidden in your browser, now you do. If you press the space bar (on PC) or tap the screen (on mobile), some land appears below the dinosaur, who immediately falls towards it, and the game begins.


So, go forth and be bored no more. Yes, you're very welcome.

Photo Credit: MaryScheirer via Compfight cc

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Writer & Content Strategist.
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Writer & Content Strategist.

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