Welcome Eventorer, A Resource Directory For Events

by | Apr 23, 2015

Joining the event planning industry in Nigeria, is Eventorer, a platform that makes you an event planner yourself by providing all you need to plan an event.

The Eventorer platform boast of having a large directory of event vendors towards helping people plan event with less hassle from end to end.

How it works


As an event planner, I’d log on to the platform, set parameters like the event type and description, number of attendees, date, location and budget, the platform gives a list of vendors whose criteria tally with the parameters searched for. Once I click ‘plan event’, every vendor that fits into my search query gets a notification in order to bid for my event.

That gives me options and I get to communicate with them for free on the platform. The feedback feature on the platform allow users to report, rate or review vendors.

On the part of the vendor, bidding for an event costs a unit (which is N200). Every vendor gets 10 complimentary units on signup. Vendors can purchase more units with the top up feature in the vendor’s dashboard.

Vendors on the platform are verified to be real and professional before getting listed on the platform.

I tried planning an event on the platform and on hitting the search button, I got an error message.

I see Ocaman as a close alternative to Eventorer, in terms of model. Ocaman actually allows the event planner to organise an agenda from within the platform and I also invite guests.

But here are the advantages that the Product Development head at Eventorer, Tomiwa Oloyede, thinks Eventorer has over its competitors:


  • Directory: they provide a directory for users to search for vendors, even based on parameters like the number of expected guests, location of the event, type of event among others. Eventorer designed the vendors’ profiles to serve as mini website for individual vendors.
  • Event Planning application: automation of event planning process that helps in budget monitor as well as checklist from a dashboard.
  • Aso Ebi: automation of the Aso Ebi process with which a planner doesn’t bother about funding from his or her personal funds. Aso-ebi partners on the platform take care of selling and delivering to close friends and families of the planner. All the planner needs to do is to pick the aso ebi and their guests go online to make payments.
  • Hot deals: this feature gives vendors an opportunity to showcase their special offers on the hot deals page which is an aggregation of deals for people to see and possibly purchase. With this, the vendors not only put up their services but get more by providing hot deals.
  • Blog: the platform’s blog discusses trends, tips, and well-executed events in the events management space

“Most of the things there (on Eventorer) except maybe the hot deals are TOTALLY FREE!!!”

With the likes of Ocaman and now Eventorer, what happens to those in the business of events planning? The possible scenario is them coming on board those platforms or what do you think?

Yinka Awosanya
Yinka Awosanya

Mobile & African Tech Enthusiast │ Data Analyst │ Music

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