5 Nigerian companies with the coolest office spaces in 2015

by | Apr 8, 2015

Nigerian offices are notoriously monotonous and stifling. I mean, perks like staff buses and “thirteenth month” bonuses are great but, how about we did away with the boring fluorescent bulbs and claustrophobic cubicles in our offices?

Office spaces should reflect a company’s culture because environment plays a big role in productivity and creativity. This is one of the coolest things Silicon Valley companies have got going for them. Thankfully, a couple of Lagos – “Yabacon Valley” or “Silicon Lagoon”, if you would – startups have begun to take a leaf from their Silicon Valley counterparts. We’ve toured our share of them so far this year. Here are the ones that stood out most in our minds.

techpoint (14 of 14)


I think the eCommerce giant has the coolest office space ever. I felt like I was in another part of the world:

From the game room


techpoint (5 of 14)
techpoint (7 of 14)
techpoint (8 of 14)

To the coding rooms …

techpoint (11 of 14)
techpoint (12 of 14)
techpoint (13 of 14)
techpoint (6 of 14)

And the awesome wall graffiti …

techpoint (14 of 14)


The Andela Amity campus is a great place to cool off and also get serious with work.

There’s the awe inspiring graffiti …


But we’re more excited about the cafeteria … 



The online job company office is dope; a dream place to work.

We love the lounge


Which is surrounded by an open, airy workspace



Africa Internet Group (Rocket Internet)

This building is home to a number of AIG-backed startups including hotels booking platform Jovago.com, online marketplace Kaymu.com.ng and food delivery service Hellofood.com.ng.

rocket (23 of 73)
rocket (22 of 73)
rocket (49 of 73)
rocket (67 of 73)
rocket (52 of 73)
rocket (55 of 73)

Kaymu did the coolest thing by  inscribing staff members’ names on the walls

rocket (2 of 73)

The Co-creation Hub

Old but goody, Co-creation hub gave most of us the first taste of what cool working space should look like. We enjoyed dart, table tennis, Play Station among other cool stuff.

hub (1 of 16)
hub (4 of 16)
hub (5 of 16)
hub (7 of 16)
hub (8 of 16)
hub (10 of 16)
hub (11 of 16)
hub (12 of 16)
hub (15 of 16)

And of course, who would forget the famous rooftop?

hub (16 of 16)

Do you think your office is cooler? Invite us to shoot

Feature image credit: Mohini Ufeli

Co-founder & Publisher of Techpoint.africa. Interested in: Technology | Media | Startup | Education | Africa.

Twitter: @AdewaleYusuf_

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Tunji Adegbesan
Tunji Adegbesan
6 years ago

For all those aspiring to make this list, 🙂 what we need added to the post are the links to the websites of the interior decor partners for each office space (the design firms might even pay to have their links there! 🙂 But seriously, would probably be very useful info, in support of your quest to raise general quality levels of office spaces in this environment

Muyiwa Matuluko
Muyiwa Matuluko
Reply to  Tunji Adegbesan
6 years ago

This is brilliant @tunjiadegbesan:disqus! We are definitely looking into this. Thank you

James Imonitie
James Imonitie
Reply to  Muyiwa Matuluko
5 years ago

Still looking forward to the links of the décor vendors.

6 years ago

This gives me joy to see companies are taking the time to invest in their workplace, it DOES make a difference and can lead to increased organizational commitment.

Reply to  ChikaUwazie
6 years ago

Yes, it can!

Temi Temilolu
Temi Temilolu
6 years ago

Really cool, inspiring stuff.

6 years ago

i can relate with most of these places

Mukhtar Oyewo
Mukhtar Oyewo
6 years ago

This is very inspiring. Like @tunjiadegbesan:disqus said, we need the contact info of the interior design firms.

Travel Maniac
Travel Maniac
6 years ago

I loove these offices! Amazing… just like Google! These are places I would enjoying working in! But the African Internet Group though.. .. the Plastic Chairs are embarrassing? .. the office doesn’t look like fun.. just painted colourfully!

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