7 Awesome Features You Didn’t Know The Infinix Hot Note Had

by | Mar 20, 2015

The new Infinix Hot Note is as big as phablets come. The 5.5-inch Android powered phone boasts a 4000 mAh battery that can fast charge from 0 to 100% in 90 minutes – if you use the bundled charger – and can take you through nearly 2 days of above average use, on one charge.

Having spent some time with the Infinix Hot Note, I can verify that it does live up to its battery claims. I like to think of the Infinix Hot Note as a hybrid of the Infinix Zero and Infinix Hot. Only it has better battery life than both combined and is bigger on performance.

But the Inifnix Hot Note is much more than just a bump in power and performance over its predecessors. It happens to have a bunch of really cool features you’d probably never expect from a 23k smartphone. So much so that I’m finding it hard to fathom Infinix Mobility’s reasons refraining from publicizing them.


Gesture-based Quick Start.

By simply drawing figures on the screen when inactive, you can “quick start” the phone unto a predefined app.

By default, drawing a C on the Infinix Hot Note’s inactive locksreen will quick start you to the camera app. Of course you can change which gestures open which apps. The only flaw is that while you can set any letter to any app,  you are limited in the number of letters you can use – there are only 8 of them.

Pick-up to call

You can set the Infinix Hot note to call a contact that is displayed on a screen whenever you place the device close to your ear. This feature only works from when viewing a contact from the phonebook. It doesn’t work from the dialler app.

Wave to answer


Wave, well more like slide, over the screen to pick a call. Now how cool is that?


Inadvertently mode

We all know that feeling when we inadvertently slide a phone into our pocket, with the screen active, onlt to find out moments later that we’ve created random BBM groups we know nothing about. The Infinix Hote Note comes with a nifty trick to make sure that never happens

Ultra lower power mode

To get that extra juice out of the Infinix Hot Note battery, especially when its very low, you can activate an “ultra low power mode” where the screen displays in grayscale and only the most essential features – phone, messaging and clock – work.

You can get as much as 100% additional battery time enabling this feature.

Tap to Wake

You can lock and unlock the Infinix Hot Note screen by double tapping on an empty space. It’s that easy.

Voice activated unlock and quick start

Finally, you can choose to unlock the Infinix Hot Note using voice commands. You can also set up to 3 different voice commands to quick start the phone to predefined apps like the camera, messaging and dialler.

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Do you need help finding how to activate any of the above features on your Infinix Hot Note? Feel free to use the comments section below. 

Múyìwá Mátùlúkò
Múyìwá Mátùlúkò

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