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Nigerians Now Use Their Smartphones For Everything, Says Consumer Barometer

March 16, 2015 · 1 min read
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Mobile devices have made life easier, most especially smartphones. Most glaring among the improvements shown from using smart devoces is the increased ease of shopping. The sharp  growth in use of personal devices around the globe has changed the face of online shopping in Nigeria. Individuals no longer have to manually browse for products in specific shops and towns. Just by a click of a button, one can visit as many shops as possible with a variety of products for the shopper’s liking.

The Consumer Barometer, the most comprehensive free tool for anyone looking to understand and compare how people use the internet around the world, says that Africa’s second largest economy country, Nigeria has shown significant increase in the switch of consumers to online shopping thanks in large part to the increasing availability and affordability of mobile devices. The research shows that about 85% of shoppers using smartphones for product research as against 30% who used computers and 6% using tablets.

Here’s an overview of what we – Nigerian –  are doing with online connection;

Smart Shopping

77% of shoppers nowadays found out about most products via smartphones, 26% from computers and 1% from tablets; and then went on to purchase the products, which range from fashion items and devices to air tickets and car insurance to groceries and home appliances, online. On the other hand,  only 18% of Kenyans and 25% South Africans researched their last purchase online.


Multiscreen Use

80% of smart device users are using these devices to listen to music, 80% for the camera, 67% are using the devices for online games; most facsinating is that many are doing all these activities from different devices, hence the number of Nigerians using more than one device to access the internet is growing exponentially with some using up to four devices to connect to the internet.

Online Videos

Watching content online has gained remarkable popularity among Nigerians with 37% of the connected citizens watching online videos at least once a week – IrokoTV, IbakaTV, Wura.TV

According to the study, Nigerians are also in the lead with 39% of online users having shared their last purchase experience on social media, not surprising. We love, love to report on services, especially e-commerce, via social media.

In conclusion, brands in Nigeria are now more likely to reach their greatest online audience by focusing their marketing communications on the smartphone – email marketing.


Odunayo Eweniyi

Odunayo Eweniyi


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