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Weird Find: SeeYoo, The App That Helps You Say “On My Way”

March 04, 2015 · 1 min read
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SeeYoo, a ‘pre-meeting app’, that is available for iOS and Android, lets you alert friends that you are OMW (on my way), chat with them during your journey, and share your exact whereabouts on a map.

The app also includes “push-to-talk” voice messaging, where you just tap and hold on the microphone on-screen button to speak; and get this: all conversations are ‘ephemeral’ too, like Snapchat(?) so that they are deleted once you close the conversation.


Basically, SeeYoo combines the messaging functionality of WhatsApp, with the location feature of Apple’s Find My Friends for iPhone. The app comes off as a little creepy because letting others track your exact location contradicts a certain, subtle and arguably illogical social etiquette.

Most men would probably love this for their ladies because ladies are rarely, if ever, “20 minutes away”, when they say they’re ‘OMW’. And, by not seeing their precise whereabouts, men never know exactly how late they’re running or how little effort they made to be on time in the first place.

But for the sake of peace, sometimes, ignorance is bliss.


Odunayo Eweniyi

Odunayo Eweniyi


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