NetPlus Advisory Gets Multimillion Dollar Funding From Synergy Capital

by | Feb 20, 2015

Nigerian E-Commerce and e-Payments operations company, NeTPlus Advisory has secured a multimillion-dollar investment to further its work in the e-commerce and e-payments space in Nigeria and Africa at large from Synergy Capital, a Ghana-focused Private Equity firm.

Pardon the non specifics of the heading, it is unclear how many million dollars was invested in the company because NetPlus Advisory didn’t reveal it, but NetPlus is confident that with this investment, it can establish a leading position in the strategic payment space critical to unlocking the e-commerce value chain in Nigeria.


NeTPlus currently operates e-commerce platforms that allow merchants and business owners to get online and begin selling online. Its flagship brand is WebMallNG and has been in operation since 2013. The company has also partnered with top banks across Nigeria to bring e-commerce solutions for their merchants. In the payments space, it recently announced a new product, NetPlusPAY, which is set to make e-commerce payment easier by allowing users to transfer money through their internet banking profiles when shopping online in a simple and seamless process.

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