How to exhibit your fintech product at The Fintech Summit 2022

October 7, 2022
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Are you looking to put your products in front of your target audience? You might want to read this. Techpoint Africa helps startups in this capacity by providing exhibition slots at its events, and below is a breakdown of how to exhibit at the coming Techpoint Africa event, The Fintech Summit 2022

The Fintech Summit aims to make sense of the boom and strides of Fintech in Nigeria. Discussions will be held under the lens of the theme, "the fintech in everything." The summit will bring together some of the biggest names in the Nigerian fintech sector and an outstanding audience interested in Fintech and its increasing product offerings. You can register to attend the summit here.

If you have a fintech product or your business leverages Fintech tools, this is an opportunity to reach your audience faster and face to face. Want to find out more? 

Here's how:

Decide the product you want to exhibit

You have to decide on the product you want to exhibit and consider why it is a good fit for the event and vice versa. Your business may have more than one product or service, and it's up to you and your marketing team to decide which product is ideal for the event and your target audience. 

Determine the kind of exhibition that is right for your business (Demo/exhibition)

After deciding on the product you want to exhibit, the next question to answer is how. Below are the available exhibition options at The Fintech Summit.

  • Demo: To demo at The Fintech Summit means you bring your product to the event's stage, talk about it within a given time, and demonstrate how it works in front of the audience. It helps you to attract potential customers. 
  • Exhibition booth: You are given a designated space to set your products on display and engage with people directly. The exhibition booth may not have as much audience reach as the demo session. However, it allows for more interaction between the potential lead and your business.  
  • Demo/Exhibition: You can also combine both options by demonstrating how your product works on the event's stage and engaging with people at your exhibition booth.

Develop a strategy to attract and engage attendees at the event

  • Have a clear goal: Your goal should be defined, and it should be tied to the product you are exhibiting.
  • Develop a clear message for your exhibition: It's essential to build a solid message that is clear and engaging. This will help you attract and engage customers easily. You should ensure that it's also simple and easy to understand.
  • Plan on using gifts, merch, and swags to attract attendees: Yes, gifts. Come with gifts and be generous enough to ensure you don't leave with them. Ensure that your gifts are branded with your company's name and logo. Gift ideas can be shirts, books, pens, mugs, stickers, etc. The goal is not just to get new customers with enticing gifts but also to continue the process of brand awareness when the gift recipients take them to their respective destinations. 

Put together a team to execute the exhibition

It is important to have a team. A rule of thumb should be four to five team members to prevent overcrowding of the booth. It is essential that they all understand the message you are trying to send across and the product you are exhibiting. 

Also, they should be easy to identify, i.e. have a unique uniform that distinguishes your team.

Finally, plan for possible questions from attendees. Your team should be ready to answer questions concerning your brand and educate people. It should be in line with your exhibiting goal. The team should be welcoming and give a good impression of your brand.

Want to select an exhibition booth at The Fintech Summit?

Reach out to the sales team to get more information on exhibition opportunities for The Fintech Summit by contacting Chris Anaele at or +2348146586642

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