One soul in two bodies — a look at friendships in the digital age

July 30, 2021 · 1 min read
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What is friendship to you? For some, it’s taking long walks and sharing a laugh. For others, it might be the non-stop chatter between overly familiar people journeying through life, hand in hand. 

Whatever the shape or form it takes, friendships require the fresh air of something called ‘communication’, without which many relationships would wither and die.

From pen friends in ancient times to cloud friendships of this day and age, solid friendships have always relied on one medium or the other for communication, interaction, and exchange of information.

Formerly known as ‘World Friendship Day’, the United Nations (UN) in 2011 declared July 30 as the ‘International Day of Friendship’ to celebrate the role that friendship plays in promoting peace across different cultures and backgrounds. 

When social media hardly existed, it was championed by the greetings card and letter writing industry. But, in this age of constantly evolving technology, the concept of friendship has endured the dynamism of this world.

To celebrate this day, Techpoint Africa had a sit-down with varying groups of friends of the same age brackets. There was an abundance of laughter, shared looks of age-long familiarity, and deep camaraderie. 

Most friends credited online interactions via WhatsApp to be a helpful medium to replenish communication and ensure frequent interactions. 

There was also a healthy dose of banter and arguments about who is funnier or more outspoken, how-we-met stories, and mostly common interests and adventures. 

Here’s the video. Have a good laugh, gain a thing or two. And we hope, like us, you’re reminded that Aristotle’s comparison of friendship to one soul in two bodies is beyond a saying!

Joy Matthew

Joy Matthew


Out here, trying so hard to maintain my faculty of wonder in a fast-changing world. Language, books, and aspiring tech enthusiast. Keep in touch

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