You can now convert live-audio conversations to podcasts with the new Spotify Greenroom app

by | Jun 17, 2021

Yesterday, June 16, 2021, Spotify — Swedish audio streaming and media service provider — launched Spotify Greenroom.

In March 2021, the platform announced that it was acquiring Betty Labs, the company behind the sports-focused app, Locker Room, to help accelerate its entry into the live audio market.

Since it acquired the app, Spotify said that they’ve been working on expanding its capabilities to enable creators and users to connect more deeply and meaningfully. 

Greenroom is a mobile app that allows Spotify users to join or host live audio rooms once they log in. Also, users and creators have an option to convert those conversations into podcasts. 


The new mobile app is a rework of the Locker Room app. Current users of the app will see their app updated to Greenroom’s branding, look and feel.

In the long term, Spotify plans to leverage its technology on Greenroom to connect users to content they might be interested in. 

It could also recommend podcasts and music based on previous content you’ve consumed on the app.

Apart from recording sessions as podcasts, Greenroom has features similar to other live audio platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Facebook Live Audio Rooms. 

In March 2021, Twitter announced that Twitter Spaces would be coming to the public. And with its launch in April, it became the first live audio platform with an Android version.  

Compared to Twitter’s immediate Android availability, Clubhouse — launched in March 2020 — was exclusive to iPhones until May 2021, when it created its Android version. Facebook began testing its live audio rooms in May 2021.

On Twitter Spaces, anyone with over 600 followers can host a space, a requirement not needed on either Clubhouse or Greenroom.

A Clubhouse room hosts about 5,000 people. However, with Spotify Greenroom, at most 1,000 people can be hosted in a room. But, Spotify plans to increase the number soon.


Recently, Spotify expanded to 41 African countries among other countries in the world in February 2021. The continent’s wait for this move —  the company’s biggest so far — came to an end.

As of March 2021, Spotify claims to have about 158 million subscribers. 

This app is one of the streaming company’s attempts to better compete in the industry’s global market. Also, Spotify announced the Spotify Creator Fund, which will help audio creators in the United States generate revenue. In addition, it will be launching new features like programmed content later this year.

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