Have you ever worked as an insurance sales agent, or currently work as one? Help provide insight

by | May 26, 2021

If you’ve ever worked as an insurance sales agent — financial services advisor — or currently do, please keep reading.

Intelligence by Techpoint, the data and research arm of Techpoint Africa, is currently working on a research project in partnership with the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) about the state of insurance in Nigeria, using the events of October 2020 in Lagos State as a case study.

We have designed the research project to get information from major players in the insurance industry: the potential buyers of insurance products, the sales agents, and the insurance companies.

Please, take five minutes to fill this multiple-choice questionnaire if you have insurance sales experience.  

And if you have no insurance sales experience, kindly send this to anyone you know who does.

Decision making insights for everyone! Intelligence by Techpoint is in charge of the Nigerian Startup Funding Report, a detailed and comprehensive report on the funding activities of Nigerian startups. Intelligence by Techpoint also offers research consultancy services to businesses and institutes

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