Andela is opening up applications to mid-level and senior developers through its “Power of X” campaign

by | May 21, 2019

For many people in the developer community, the idea of a “10X developer/engineer” is quite a popular one. For the uninitiated, it basically refers to an individual that is 10 times better than the average developer and so has the capabilities of 10 average developers.

“The idea of the 10X engineer is sort of a myth. Those who hire engineers look out for basic traits such as collaboration, empathy and passion. To them, that’s what makes a good engineer,” said Omawale David-Ashiru, Country Director, Andela Nigeria during a press conference earlier today.

“And so we at Andela understand that engineers come with different attributes and at different levels. For us, X is limitless so it doesn’t have to be 10, it can be 100 or 1000. Our mission is to provide an enabling environment.”

This is why the tech training development and outsourcing company is launching the Power of X campaign which opens up its doors to developers across all experience levels, to help build their skills to global standards.


Image Source: Andela Nigeria

The campaign is targeted at mid-level and senior engineers. Applications are now open to engineers across Africa, and according to Osoba Olayiwola, the company’s Marketing and Communications Manager, the recruitment process is pretty straightforward as it is unlike the multi-stage recruitment process of the company’s fellowship programme.

“Since the candidates already have experience, they apply as mid-level or senior software engineers. Once they apply, we have a very strong recruitment process to ensure that they are mid-level or senior-level as they claim. Once the process is done, the successful candidates then join the Andela team.”

He also adds that the company plans to hire more than 500 engineers across Africa through the Power of X campaign. The hired developers will have the opportunity to work with various engineering teams and Andela partner companies all over the world.

To join the Andela team as a mid-level or senior software engineer, apply here.

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