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December 07, 2017 · 2 min read
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With internet penetration in Nigeria soaring year after year, having a web presence is becoming increasingly essential for any business to thrive. Ironically, over one million SMEs in Nigeria still lack an online presence and many existing business websites are not so presentable. This can largely be attributed to the high cost of building a premium website which currently falls between ₦70,000 – ₦150,000.

The good news is, My5kWebsite is here to pioneer a change that might have been considered impossible before now. SMEs can now own a premium business website for as low as ₦5000 per month.

Launched by Kess Daniels on November 9, 2017, My5KWebsite provides not just an affordable website plan for startups and SME’s in Nigeria, but also maintenance and technical support round the clock.

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How My5kWebsite works

Users will pay a sum of ₦5,000 for the first year and a half of that for the following years. This covers hosting, a free domain name as desired by the customer, relevant system updates, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as well as support and maintenance services. The website will be built and delivered within 7 working days. To get started on the platform, users require a minimum of 3months subscription. My5kWebsite builds three categories of websites; eCommerce, blogs, and professional business websites.

With My5KWebsite our customer can focus on creating awesome content, while we focus on all the technicalities by providing a managed solution. Our State-of-the-art setup ensures that we deliver on websites with zero service downtime. Cliché, as it may sound, ‘how you are dressed, is how you are addressed.’ A website is your corporate identity and it has to look beautifully credible and reliable. That is exactly what we want our customer to get when they sign-up.” — Kess Daniels

The model of spreading the capital over time, with the promise of support —  than just a one-off —  is fair enough. And given that there are other associated yearly costs of paying one-offs such as; hosting fee, maintenance fee and worrying about other technical issues, My5kWebsite could be a safe haven for SMEs, especially to business owners who intend to reduce their initial burn rate.

However, if, in the long run, a user requires any additional custom/advanced features, the difference or any additional cost will be discussed. There are several reasons SMEs may want to consider My5kWebsite, in addition to its really affordable model,  the startup promises timely delivery and high-quality websites that clients can be proud of.

No doubts, building a website nowadays is no longer a herculean project and My5kWebsite is here to make it even more convenient. Have you been holding off your website project due to fund? My5kWebsite is here to help. You should head to the website now.

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