Startup Profile: Foodstock — get cheap farm produce directly from farmers online

September 25, 2017 · 1 min read

Founded by Omolere Omotayo, in April 2016, Foodstock is best described as an online marketplace that connects farmers to consumers in Nigeria.

Since inception, the online platform has basically served as a more convenient means to access cheap food products — either in raw or finished forms. Tayo, in the bid to give an abridged description of Foodstock, says “actually, we do everything food”.

Foodstock website

So much travail surround shopping in local Nigerian markets (such as Mile 12). From bearing the usually unfriendly weather to fighting one’s way through the labyrinth of stores  — while avoiding “accidental” collision with hundreds of people who are also struggling to navigate their way out of really congested routes — the experience isn’t promising to anticipate.

Tayo must have brooded over having a platform that could save the day by offering even cheaper products than Mile12 and at the same time giving consumers the convenience they need. Apparently, this birthed Foodstock. In just a year of its operations, the startup has had remarkable milestones and in fact, positioned itself as the largest B2B market in Lagos.

We work with farmers, provide them with seeds etc and sell their produce and more — actually everything food — to the final consumers.

Currently, Foodstock claims to have no major competitors. According to the founder, potential competitors have been turned into partners. With Amujo Adeyemi’s backing as the COO, Omotayo is quite confident that Farmstock will soon become customers’ delight. And, going by their claim of outmatching Mile 12’s prices, it could be a possibility.

But, the best way to find out if Farmstock really stand a chance against Mile 12 is to visit the website.

*Mile 12: a commercial market in Lagos that retails food produce in large quantities at very cheap rates.

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