A tour of the Paystack HQ: Home for geeks

September 21, 2017
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As the first Y Combinator-backed startup to originate from Nigeria, Paystack has gained traction in the last two years with merchants such as Domino Pizza, Taxify, GIG Group, among others handling online transactions through their platform.

We went on a tour of the Paystack HQ in Ikeja, Lagos recently

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Growth Lead, Emmanuel Quartey welcomed us and gave us a proper tour of the office

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Emmanuel Quartey. Growth Lead

Watch the video or continue with photos below


You are greeted by this white ambiance that turns on your geek bars. One thing to note here is the wall graffiti that welcomes you in different languages.


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Lobby -- Where it all happens

This is where a larger part of the team hangs out and works from when necessary. It is a comfortable and open space which reflects one of Paystack's core values -- transparency. They also hold events here as well.

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Naira conference room

Since Paystack plays in the fintech space, it is only apt that they named their conference room after the Naira. The conference room is used when high-value visitors come visiting and also for team presentations.

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Paystack's audacious ambition to be everywhere in the world is boldly represented on the room wall

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Pasystack's audacious dream, one country at a time.

There's a bathtub!

Like I said before now, this is the home for geeks. So it shouldn't be surprising to find a bathtub in this office.

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Engineering Room

6 people run the affairs of Paystack's engineering team.

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Quiet Room

This is where you zone off and focus on your task. It is the quietest part of the building. You are not allowed to even talk to one another or take calls.

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Want your office featured? Email [email protected].
Want your office featured? Email [email protected].
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