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July 3, 2017
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The tech industry is home to clusters; with Silicon Valley as the most reputable tech cluster worldwide and the question we are all asking is if Nigeria's closest hope of having a tech cluster can be actualized. As much as this dream has had several setbacks in recent times, many actually predicted an end to the cluster. However, the fate of the valley is not dead yet especially with the initiatives springing up, one of such is -- Yaba4Tech (Y4T), is an unashamed initiative for techies in Lagos! Those founders, co-founders, investors, co-investors, executives and managers of tech platforms, applications and services world of Lagos who aggregate resources in Yaba to create value by striving to use technology better than anyone anywhere else-- with the goal to bring people together.

Y4T Meetups are held every last Thursday of each month. For the June edition, Techpoint.ng played venue host and we had a very energetic discussion on serial or institutional entrepreneurship. Who really gets the job done? What are the pros and cons to both sides? Can entrepreneurship actually be taught? Here are some pictorial insights into the happenings on the event.

Familiar faces catching up at Yaba4Tech

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First session -- Introduction
yaba4tech 15 of 157

Group selection for topical discuss
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Networking and Item 6

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Small groups are an essential part of a cluster, they form the backbone. So initiatives like this will go a long way in resuscitating the valley and bringing about a common bond without any elaborate framework. Together we can only meet our aim if we have unified discussions. This seems to be the premise for Y4T.  Enough said, partake in one of the sessions if you have a stake in this unfolding narrative.

If you have attended any Y4T sessions, please share your experience.

Looking to promote your industry event? Email business@techpoint.africa
Looking to promote your industry event? Email business@techpoint.africa
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