What it takes to build a business from scratch

May 11, 2017
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Are you trying to build a business from scratch? And this doesn’t mean just flying around with ideas to make quick cash. The challenges are endless and one needs to be well prepared to weather the storms ahead as a startup.

Still, a lot of people are unsure whether or not to take that first step. Certainly, it can be challenging to do a business "on the side" until it's big enough to sustain itself in Nigeria.

Although you don’t need to have everything figured out before you start your business. But the most effective way to find out if your idea will work, is to listen to expert advice, talk to mentors and simply go all in, otherwise, you’ll never truly know.

This is why Techpoint Inspired has decided to name one of its panel session- "What it takes to build a business from scratch". In this session founders who have built a sustainable businesses will teach us how they went about it, lessons from their mistakes and actions they took.


Questions and issues to be considered in this panel include;

  • What problems their ideas were/are solving
  • How they identified the ideal customer
  • How prepared they were upon takeoff
  • How they got monies to start and how they still sourced funds
  • If education played an important role in their chosen career
  • How they marketed  products and services
  • How they surmounted challenges faced

Victor Ekwealor will be joining our august panelists who are founders of various businesses. They are;

Seun Onigbinde

Techpoint Inspired Seun

Lead partner for BudgIT – a civic organisation that works to simplify budgets and helps people track public spending via different platforms. He is coming to Techpoint Inspired this May, and there will be plenty to talk about.

As the Lead partner of BudgIT, Seun has a unique perspective to advise Techpoint Inspired attendees on how to start a business from scratch, gain traction and raise funds. Seun will be telling us the importance of an incubator/hub. We’re excited to have Seun Onigbinde sit down for a panel session. He has amazing stories to share.

Abiola Olaniran

Techpoint Inspired Abiola 1

Gamsole’s founder and notably one of the most successful game developers in Nigeria on the Windows Phones and PC platforms in terms of game downloads and gross revenues. He will be talking alongside all-star speakers at Techpoint Inspired this May.

As a Trailblazer in the gaming industry in Nigeria, Abiola has a unique perspective on advising how to start a business from scratch, gain traction and raise funds. We’re excited to have him sit down for a panel session. He has been a witness to radical changes in technology and has amazing stories.

Sheriff Shittu

Sheriff Shittu is coming to Techpoint Inspired

He is the Co-Founder, CEO at Switch Innovation Express, with over 10 years’ experience in internet and information technology industry. He is coming to Techpoint Inspired this May, and there’s plenty to talk about as Sheriff is well known for his piece on how he failed in his former startup .

Sheriff knows what failure feels and can be like, and he will be sharing with us what was going on in his mind when Showroom was falling apart and how he remained strong enough to start all over again. We’re excited to have Sheriff Shittu sit down for a panel session.

Udoka Uju

Udoka Uju is coming to Techpoint Inspired

Uju is the revered “Lady Painter”, Nigeria’s number one creative wall designer. She is coming to Techpoint Inspired this May with a lot of experience especially in a male dominated career.  As a certified Interior Designer at Space Calibre Institute of Interior Design who left the banking industry, she will be telling us how and why she made the career switch and also her challenges as a female entrepreneur.

We’re excited to have Udoka Uju sit down for a panel session. She has made several career decisions and has amazing stories to share in this aspect.

Techpoint Inspired takes place May 29th 2017 and registrations are still on. The lineup for this event is amazing, and we hope to see you there.

Feel free to send in your questions below and it would be attended to at the event.

Sponsors make events possible. If you’re interested in learning more about sponsorships with Techpoint Inspired, shoot an email to [email protected].

Building interesting stuff at Kudi.
Building interesting stuff at Kudi.
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Building interesting stuff at Kudi.

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