Can you imagine a world without pictures

April 28, 2017
3 min read

Look around you, there are pictures everywhere; on your phone, on the streets, on social media, we practically breath pictures. Yet, have you ever pictured the world without cameras; no hard or soft copies of reality, just the real thing.

Now let's imagine some things that will be different today if it were impossible to freeze reality.

We won't have so many willing vegetable hawkers

snapchat flower crown
Snapchat won't exists if we can't even snap pictures

Some popular peeps will be practically inexistent

picture of brobisky
Some people can't even scratch the internet without pictures

Guys may be more willing to tie the Knot

pictures of bella naija wedding
Goodluck to all the ladies planning a Bella naija inspired wedding  in this recession

Unborn babies will still have rights to their privacy

pictures of Beyonce's baby bump
Women can save their bulging stomachs for their gynecologist

Strangers will have no business planning family meals

spaghetti girlfriend
If only you didn't rub picture of spaghetti in their faces

The community of Bread sellers may still have Olajumoke

Untitled 1 min
It's really hard to lose a colleague

You won't have to see money you can't touch

B Red Money Instagram
Celebrities may think of better things to do other than oppressing people with their wealth

We won't have to doubt that "Black is beautiful"

Picture of before and after skin lightening
Now you can understand why everyone is rebranding these days

You will understand that nothing good comes easy

drawing 1991304 640
Do you really want to pose for a drawing?

Can you imagine your world without pictures? Tell me what you see


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Writer. Interested in EdTech and tech careers
Writer. Interested in EdTech and tech careers
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Writer. Interested in EdTech and tech careers

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