Understanding the rules of effective management

April 15, 2017
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Effective management is a topic that needs to be learned and understood by every indivdual, we take time to explore a book by Richard Templar “The Rules of Management”

“A manager is an employee who forms part of the organizations'  management team and is accountable for exercising delegated authority over human, financial and mental management to accomplish the objectives of the oorganization Managers are responsible for managing human resources, communicating, practising and promoting the corporate values, ethics and culture of the organization, and for leading and managing change within the organization.

(The leadership Network, California)

The books explore thirty-four (34) effective rules to help manage your team at every point and also explores sixty-six (66) ways of managing yourself to ensure your team is working fine. From all this, we have the book; “The Rules of Management”.

And here is a review talking about important aspects of the book “Rules of management”

Managing your team

Managing your team may not be as easy as it looks when you see it from a distance. Although by applying effective rules to ensure your management skills are better makes your skill worthwhile at the end.


“Get them convinced- because it is true of course that what they do makes a difference” --Richard Templar

As a manager, it is necessary to know what a team is and be educated on how it should be operated, whilst getting every member of the team emotionally involved in what is going on and also ensure there are effective meetings being drafted.

In meetings, managers should ensure to bring forth only targets that are achievable in the organizations. They may be big but they must also be realistic {no one wants to be deceived}.

Meetings may be grumpy for some members of the team but it is imperative that you make sure it doesn’t happen like that in your team, Make meetings fun.

“Start all meetings on time. Never wait for anyone" -- Richard Templar

Development of the team is a must and continuous enlightenment on the fact that they should understand the dealings of the job more than you actually do through delegations and daring team members to do better than they already can.

Teaching them doesn’t mean they should disrespect your authority, it is important as a manager to set boundaries and be ready to control those that are not making profitable additions to the progress of the team {be ready to prune}.

Be the smartest in the room

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me 13

Mistakes happen, accept then in any way they come, even when you identify them as limitations and be ready to encourage your team members to even do more.

Tell me and I'll remember for an hour; Show me and ill remember for a day; But let me do it and I'll remember forever." -- Richard Templar

Right people are the ones who build good foundations, getting them must be top of the priorities and if along the line some certain objectives do not work out well, you shouldn’t transfer the blame of inefficiency on them. It’s all you and you should accept it. Many times, things will go well, Richard templar says you should give them credit for this special time.

Resources are important, make them available to your team in any way they want, to allow them work effectively towards achieving new things which you as a manager must celebrate with good rewards.

It’s important to keep an account of what you say per time and ensure a continuously good working atmosphere amongst your teammates.

Be sure to inspire, fight for and show trust in your staff also.

As a manager, this are very necessary steps to take in ensuring your team members work along with your vision and achieve them with you.

Manage yourself

It’s never enough to manage your team and leave yourself out of the development. Self-development is one of the most important aspects of building a manager. So be able to manage yourself also.

To be able to manage yourself you have to be able to work hard to ensure that work gets done you need to ask yourself at the end of every working day, “Am I in order or in disorder?”. You must understand that it’s the examples you set that your team members will follow so set good standards.

Rules of management say for you to be a good manager of yourself, it is essential to always have a game plan, on this you will build all the operations of the team. And even with this plans, you should also have plans B and C n case you fall short of accomplishments in the Plan A.

"Your game plan should incorporate both long- and short- term goals" -- Richard Templar

What you described as effective management in the last two years may not be the case for you at the present moment, as a manager you should be ready to unlearn and also relearn new things.

There will be a lot of work to do and many individuals you are manging to ensure the goals and objectives are being achieved but you must recognize when you are stressed. This are ways by which you can watch your health, know when you have to sleep and when you have to rest and stop thinking of work.

The book makes you understand that being a manager and practicing efective management means you are at the fore front of the team, and being in front means you can see further than everyone so making decisions is a must for you and even if they are wrong you need to still make them.

You will not always be on the same level, as a manager, it is necessary for you to always be able to visualize your blue plague at all times, what are the things you want to be remembered for. What legacy will you want to leave behind?

Yes, there are mentors and people you walk towards being like but it is still important to be creative with your moves as the manager of your team. Every leader is able to work and walk by a laid foundation of do's and don’t's that is supposed to help the business, as manage, you should know about other leaders and form that build principles that will guide you in your own success achievement.

Learning is the most important activity in the world and it never stops, you must be able to unlearn somethings and be able to relearn some other things. Giving up must never be an option for you, you must always continue because all team members are being fuelled by your own confidence.

Being a manger, the book says you have be able to go extra mile for your customers and get them good service at all times.

Being a manger doesn’t mean you should be a dictator but you should be able to be in command and take charge of everything going on at all times this will improve your culture of being a diplomat for the company meaning you should be able to represent the company anywhere.

"It has always been an adventure, always exciting"-- Richard Templar

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