DStv and GOtv subscribers will pay more from May 1st

by | Apr 4, 2017

Multichoice has announced that as from 1st of May 2017, DStv and GOtv subscription rates will increase.The increase in the rate is by 5%.

We announced last year that we would do everything possible to hold the price barring any extreme factors. However, all our content is purchased in dollars and although we have done everything possible to hold the prices even with the price of everything else going up, we are now left with no choice but to adjust our subscription prices from May 1-  John Ugbe, Managing Director of Multichoice Nigeria.

Here are the new price rates that will take effect as of May 2017.

  • Premium bouquet- from ₦13,980 to ₦14,700
  • Compact Plus – from ₦9,420 to ₦9,900
  • Compact- from ₦6,000 to ₦6300
  • Commercial bouquet – from ₦1,720 to ₦1,850
  • Family bouquet- from ₦3,600 to ₦3,800
  • GOtv Plus- from ₦1,800 to ₦1,900
  • GOtv value- from ₦1,200 to ₦1,300
  • GOtv Lite- from ₦400 to ₦450

This is not the first time Multichoice would increase its DStv and GOtv tariff plans. in April 2015, Multichoice increased its fee and claimed inflation was the cause.


In a surprising move in 2016, Multichoice set out to reduce the prices of subscription in African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Botswana, (but not Nigeria) because subscribers were not renewing their subscription because of the unfavourable/ harsh economic conditions.

Currently, Nigeria is facing a harsh economic conditions — a recession. One would think that with Nigeria’s patronage (Multichoice has the largest number of subscribers in Nigeria), they would review the bouquet prices downwards.

DStv’s current price increase in spite of the present unfavourable economic conditions may suggest insensitivity and partiality knowing that it had given similar concessions to other countries in the past. Also, it may reinforce some people’s perception that Nigeria may not really be in recession.

Or is this a good time for Nigerians to boycott their services?

Tobiloba Fadoju
Tobiloba Fadoju

Writer at Techpoint.ng


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Tolulope Babajide
Tolulope Babajide
4 years ago

DSTV should be done away with. They are just bleeding us dry.

Kunle David
Kunle David
Reply to  Tolulope Babajide
4 years ago

True, but do we have a local competitor. If we have then everyone should boycott them and use the local brand.

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