How to love Nigerian techies, geeks and nerds

by | Feb 11, 2017

It’s time to admit that techies, geeks and nerds alike make our world way more interesting. We all revel inadvertently in the glory of the knowledge and intelligence that they never fail to display.

They have won our hearts over with their undying love for science, comics and gadget clusters and analysis. While these group of people may be locked in their world with just a few seconds to spare the rest of us, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to show them just how much they mean to us.

Go on a date and talk

Have an actual conversation just about anything, but do this without any gadget or book in sight. Now is the time to connect on a deeper level and that is best done without internet connectivity, star trek or scientific theories.

Do the unexpected

So your partner may be expecting you to turn your nose up at an idea (which may mean the world to them), but, it makes you want to scream. Go the extra mile on February 14, and go on that crazy journey to pretend Mars, build the unbelievable app and have a Spiderman costume party.


Buy them a gift

Who doesn’t love a gift? Make your loved one feel special by getting them one of the 20 thoughtful Valentine gifts.

This Week on Techpoint

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Nigeria uncovered. Based off the Alexa ranking for the 300 most visited websites from Nigeria, we unearth some amazing facts about Nigerians that would definitely blow you away. Number 13 especially will shock you.

Nji Collins, a 17 year-old Cameroonian becomes the first African to win Google code-in competition.  Collins is among the 34 teenagers who completed a total of 842 tasks at the recently concluded code-in contest. All the winners will be flown to the Google Campus for four days to meet and interact with Google engineers and have a feel of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Of chatbots and online payments.  In recent past, we encountered various difficulties in bank payments. Thankfully, these days, there are tons of fintech apps that allow us to transfer, pay for utilities like cable subscription, electricity bills and lots more from the comfort of our phones.

Kudi AI is one of such apps, but unlike the many others you might have used or seen, Kudi is trying to change the status quo by putting a human feel to the process.

The Co-creation Hub is on a quest to expose the older generation to the digital age. DIGnified, by CcHub, is a 4-week program intended to get the elderly — aged 55 and above — acquainted with digital technology


Tackling ICT infrastructure vandalism. In a bid to put a stop to vandalism and theft, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has moved to defend ICT infrastructure in the country.

Fellowship of the Switch. Our Startup of the Week is Switch, a platform that is contributing to the growth and development of skilled developers in Nigeria; by ‘switching’ on the potentials that are inherent in people.

Resources for startups. Building a team as a startup can be tasking. You need passionate and experienced people to work with you. This is usually difficult because passionate and experienced people are a scarce commodity.

In order to get the best of the situation and the people, as a startup founder, you have to implement strong managerial principles. Here’s how.

Starting and growing a business is not a walk in the park and raising funds is usually the biggest challenge faced by an entrepreneur. If you need funding, you should be looking at these sources.

                                               Consumer Weekly

How to unsend emails from your Gmail account. Have you ever had that chilly feeling that comes with accidentally sending a gossip email about your boss (meant for a colleague, of course), to your boss?

Ensure that does not happen again. Learn how to undo such emails ASAP.

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Omotola Omolayo
Omotola Omolayo

Writer. Photographer. Interested in African culture, history, politics and policies.

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