The Infinix X Band is a fashionable Smartwatch

August 19, 2016
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Activity trackers are one thing and Bluetooth headphones are another, but the Infinix X Band is a smartwatch that is a blend of both.

As a fitness tracker, the device allows a wide range of activities and using it as a Bluetooth wireless headset also works.


  • Talk Time: 7Hrs
  • Standby Time: 150 Hrs
  • Weight: 26.7g
  • Operating System: FreeRTOS
  • Water resistance: IP 55
  • Processor: STM32F401CEY6TR  84MHZ
  • Sensor: G-sensor/Hall Sensor
  • ROM: 512KB + 8MB External Flash RAM 96KB
  • Battery: 100mAh


The era of boring smartwatches are past and Infinix is not being left behind. The Infinix X Band is a blend of fashion and functionality. The watch strap comes in two colours; brown and black.

Infinix Smartwatch Colours


These colors work excellently with fashion pieces and can be worn as an accessory. The leather is a soft weathered grainy affair that manages to be light and sleek at the same time.

When simultaneously depressed, the spring pins by the side of the watch...

Infinix-Smartwatch (1 of 48)

...eject the Bluetooth headphone that also doubles as the core and face of the watch.

Infinix-Smartwatch (5 of 48)

The Bluetooth headset is worn by hooking it in the incisor of the outer ear.

Infinix-Smartwatch (14 of 48)

Features and Software

The Infinix X Band does not run the Android Wear OS. It runs on Free real-time operating software (FreeRTOS) a real-time operative system kernel that has a simple interface and allows for basic interaction without any colored fuss. Even though I would have preferred it in Android, but it still works.

The Infinix X Band can be connected to any Android mobile device with the X-Band App that is available on the Google Play Store.

Infinix X Band Screen Capture

After downloading the app, registering by inputting information like weight, height, and age, it automatically synchronizes with the watch and all the steps and pace pre-recorded will be transferred to the Infinix X-Band Application.



The descriptive language on the app has a lot of errors but is still understandable. Most importantly, the X-Band serves as a real-time control of the Infinix X Band.


From brightness settings, battery level, Bluetooth settings to a disconnect reminder.


Playing music, using the activity tracker and  occasionally receiving calls on the Bluetooth headset, the 100mAh non-removable  battery of the  Infinix X Band lasted 7 hours and 31 minutes.

The Infinix X band takes 2 hours 30 minutes to charge to a 100%



The market price of the Infinix X Band is not set yet but is going to be in a range of ₦23,000 -- ₦25,000.


The Infinix X Band is a comfy mix between fashion and functionality, but I feel it is more a functional fitness tracker than any other thing. For example, the Bluetooth headset has a good range for receiving and making calls but is not very great for playing music.

Price is a little bit steep for a smartwatch that does not run the Android Watch OS. But on the flipside, most of the moderately priced smartwatches do not combine a Bluetooth headset, elegance, and style of the Infinix X Band.

tech. media. startups. africa. vc | Twitter: @victor_ekwealor
tech. media. startups. africa. vc | Twitter: @victor_ekwealor
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tech. media. startups. africa. vc | Twitter: @victor_ekwealor

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