Gamification in Business: The Ultimate Game Changer

by | Aug 11, 2016

Why play by the same rules if they are not upping your chances of winning in business? Over the years, businesses have deployed some strategies that in some way might have increased their sales and profit while requiring a huge amount of their time, energy and resources. “What if you could get more for so much less?” This is the question most smart business strategists ask themselves. This curiosity brought me to the mystery behind Gamification. I’m sure you might be wondering how possible it is to adopt gamification in business.

Hold on a second, most of the time we tend to lose the spice of life probably because we are too serious to notice the simplicity before us.

What is gamification?

Gamification dates back to 1800s and can be described as the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. It is the process of taking something that already exists (like a website, an application, an online community) and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, loyalty and to foster engagement.

Customer Service vs Personalised Service

Believe me, there’s nothing I appreciate more than personalised service. You might ask what the difference is. Customer service like the term goes is when you attend to the needs of a customer while Personalized service is almost like the reverse in another form. More like when the needs of a particular customer is addressed with little or no effort by the customer. Gamification provides personalized service using underlying analytics that trigger relevant information and suggests possible solutions to impending needs of customers. There are several ways you can attempt to win in business using gamification.


Staff Motivation

Those who really take care of your business need to be catered for as well. ‘Clients do not come first, employees come first’ – Richard Branson. Gamification has been seen as a unique business strategy that motivates teams and departments using gaming elements within existing systems and processes.

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Imagine having an environment that fosters team development and engagement of business processes. This behaviour will give staff a true sense of belonging that they might not find in the traditional businesses thereby upping your A-game because once employees are happy, clients are satisfied and the business gains an ultimate advantage. It’s a Win-Win!

Disruptive Technology

Developers within businesses have understood the importance of creating engagement between companies and clients. This mechanic does not only enhance the experience but also results in measurable changes in behavior. Technology is experienced at every twist and turn, using tech to your business advantage will have to involve a game changer. This is where Gamification comes in.

Fun and Learning

Continuous learning and Growth is often seen as a core value in most companies. With the use of gamification, e-learning tools can be developed in such a way that employees are rewarded with loyalty badges at the end of each week. This reward can be communicated to the entire staff motivating other employees to engage in order to beat the record the following week. Ultimately, the company achieves their overall vision through gamification.

However, there are amber signs to watch out for when it comes to deploying this strategy in businesses. There’s a cliche that “If it ever feels like work, it probably is”. Taking the FUN out of Gamification irrespective of your industry is simply abusing its use. To encourage participation, engagement and loyalty, throw in the spice of fun and you’d certainly experience the highs of gamification in business.

Which business sector do you think gamification will help a lot in? Drop your comments below.


Peace Oshiafi
Peace Oshiafi

Writer at Techpoint | Creative Wordsmith, Digital Strategist and High Performance Coach on i_think THEN i_ink. I’m always a tweet away @PeaceCodybanks.

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Precious Mmeso
Precious Mmeso
5 years ago

Am glad I read this and am already planning on how to integrate gamification into my start-up.
We are a Nigerian Students forums [] and we have moderators.
If there’s any tip that can work in my kind of industry that you are familiar with, am willing to try it out!
Looking forward to hearing from you @peace

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