7 important facts you didn’t know about your Huawei Phone

by | Jul 27, 2016

I visited the Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, China last month. According to Wikipedia, Huawei is the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world. I was among a group of media people from all over Africa who spent a week touring the company’s production backbone. We experienced what it feels like to work at the Huawei Headquarters. We visited Huawei product reliability lab where technicians perform tests on every Huawei mobile phone for quality assurance. I came across some amazing information about your Huawei phone which I think you should know.

No broken screen

Most of us have broken phones and we know how painful it is when your phone falls, maybe from a table, or when your siblings/children mistaken drop it. But I bet you didn’t know that your Huawei phone can drop from 1 -2 meter height without the screen breaking. This is because it has passed through the tumbling barrel tester already.

No charger connector issue


Charging ports are one of the most common faults reported by mobile phone users, especially in Nigeria where there is no stable power and you have to charge any where everywhere with any charger that fits your mobile phone. Did you know you can charge your Huawei phone for more than 10,000 times without any fear of a charging port issue?

Scratch Screen – Scratch friction test

scratched phone

We put keys in the same pocket we keep our phones and it’s painful seeing scratches on our phones. But every Huawei device passed through a scratch friction test so your key can scratch the phone more than 1,000 times without leaving any marks.

Durable touchpad

A Huawei phone can be pressed 1 Million times within 12 days

Pressure resistant

A Huawei phone can take 25 kg pressure without causing any damage to the screen and the body.

No cable twisting

We all have friends with bad USB cables, if we are not that friend. Your Huawei cable can be twisted more than 10,000 times before cable damage.


Boiling Condition

In a world where our phones are our close companions, we use them in some places without caring much if they fall in hot environment. A Huawei phone can survive under extreme temperatures between 105°(hot) and – 55°(cold) Celsius.

Now that you know so much more about your Huawei phone, share the knowledge with a friend today.

Adewale Yusuf
Adewale Yusuf

Co-founder & Publisher of Techpoint.africa. Interested in: Technology | Media | Startup | Education | Africa.

Twitter: @AdewaleYusuf_

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