How Facebook Instant Articles will change Online Advertising strategy in Africa

June 28, 2016 · 3 min read
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You may have heard about Facebook Instant Articles, but what is it really?

Log on to Facebook, search the page of popular blogs like Mashable, Techtrends, and Wired among others. On the page click on the links shared in those pages. Did you notice how fast the links are loading compared to other Pages. Facebook had to leave Instant Articles late before making it official.

Africa is on the receiving end of Facebook Instant Articles, now that it’s ripe to the taking. What’s next?

That said, inevitably, the question comes, how will Facebook Instant Articles change marketing strategy in Africa? If you happen to have a WordPress blog and you want your content in Facebook app to load faster. The first step is, sign up for Facebook Instant Articles.

After signing up, install the Facebook Instant Articles plugin in your blog. You have to follow some steps to fully activate Instant Articles, enter your Facebook page dashboard and activate Instant Articles.

This Facebook move deserves applause,  as it’s a rather planned and strategic move. In Nigeria, Facebook serves as a source of traffic for almost 80% of blogs. Some few years back, when people clicked your article links, they were redirected to the actual page of the website where hosted Google AdSense sites or affiliates squeezed traffic juice from Facebook. With Instant Articles, Facebook will display their own ads, thereby trapping both Facebook sponsored campaigns revenue and their own ads shown when users visit your site.

Just like the Serengeti, where nothing goes to waste

How do you earn from Facebook Instant Articles?

Since Facebook ads will be shown on your site with instant articles how do you earn from it? Have you asked yourself this question, yeah Facebook too has thought about this and made provisions for Instant pay. With Facebook Instant Articles plugin, you can add Facebook ad codes and Instant Articles will display ads on your site.

Similar to Google Adsense, the minimum payout is $100, which is either sent via PayPal or through your Bank Account.

How will Instant Articles change Content Marketing?

From surveys taken, it is noted that, if website load time increases by a second, marketers are bound to lose 9% of visitors. Visitors do not like websites which load slowly. As a result, marketers whose site load slowly are likely to get high bounce rate, the effects of soaring bounce rates affects SEO.


The graph above shows how mobile internet users have increased through the years. It’s quite obvious, owing the fact that Facebook’s mobile-only user count grew to 894 million in the first quarter of 2016. A few years back, this would have seemed impossible. Now, Facebook’s reach to mobile audience is ubiquitously huge, both on mobile and PC.

Most definitely, Facebook mobile-only users will hit one billion before the middle of the second quarter. Nigeria — Facebook’s biggest market in Africa — alone is expected to hit 95 million users by 2019.

So, with a scalable meter gauge, it’s lucid that Facebook will get more content shares; increase in user engagement like Instagram and Facebook fitted symbiotic relationship will greatly push mobile marketing to another level. Content Marketers will try to push their content in Facebook pitch; this means as articles load faster and users get comfortable streaming Videos and articles of marketers post.

More so, Content Marketers will get paid to integrate Facebook ads in their articles, which marketers gladly would oblige to, considering the higher ads rates click in contrast to other ad networks. Affiliate marketers aren’t left out of this Goldmine, as Instant Articles loads faster, affiliate banners shown inside the ads will get more clicks and conversion.

Facebook is instantly changing how the Internet works. It’s only logical you join the era of instant shares and effortless access to articles.

Moses Dzarmah

Moses Dzarmah


Moses is a tech savvy blogger. He keeps the tradition of voicing his emotions via the keyboards of his system reflecting through his posts, lends his pen to freelancing, plays chess, listens to Afro music and Hip Hop, views tech blogging as a sacred art.

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