Nigerian House of Representatives to adopt electronic voting system

by | May 31, 2016

Interesting news; the Nigerian House of Representatives is set to adopt the electronic voting system in the conduct of its activities. According to a statement by Special Adviser (Media) to the Speaker, Turaki Hassan, the move is in compliance with the legislative agenda.

What this presents is not only an opportunity to do away with  prevailing primitive voting systems, but also Nigerians rather than just being TV observers would able to keenly follow the electioneering process as the e-voting system would be supported by internet and intranet access.

While attempting to curb irregularities during the last election, INEC deployed smart card readers to verify the authenticity of PVCs at polling booths and also processing biometric authentication. The smart card readers may not have been without their flaws, but their introduction was helpful and more so, a step in the right direction. And with that, this move couldn’t have been more timely. In this age and time when other countries are deploying technology to ensure transparency in electoral process at all levels, Nigeria couldn’t have waited any longer to introduce this measure.

Perhaps if we weren’t talking about producing pencil prior to now, we’d have had a clearer picture of what is needful. Hopefully, this would be the beginning of further initiatives like this.

Do you feel the government is finally getting a hang on following due processes with elections or it’s just a noise that’d soon pass?

Ifeanyi Ndiomewese
Ifeanyi Ndiomewese

Ifeanyi is a desk reporter-turned administrator. Outside of work, I love to read and travel.

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