Efritin’s new office is redefining everything you know about Company Culture

by | May 26, 2016

We’re experiencing a big shift in office spaces in Nigeria, from notoriously monotonous and stifling to great atmospheric ambience and architectural structures designed to inspire creativity while at work which can also lead to increased organizational commitment. The shift appears limited to only tech companies in Nigeria but I won’t conclude on a thing until I visit other companies outside tech with my camera and deliver the images for you to judge.

I visited the new Efritin office last week where every part of the office is modeled after popular marketplaces in Nigeria. Kunbi Majekodunmi, the Head of Human Resources, explained why the modeling is important as it helps staff commit to the company culture which encourages FLEXIBILITY, FUN and HARD WORK.

efritin office-14
Yvonne Anoruo, Efritin Activation Manager

Yvonne Anoruo, Efritin Activation Manager

Yvonne Anoruo, the company’s Activation Manager gave me a tour of the building. Walk with me as I bring the experience via my lens.


‘Alaba Market’ is the conference room directly opposite the elevator so there’s no way you will miss that.

efritin office-17

‘Balogun Market’ is the biggest room where more than more than 98% of the workforce operations are being carried out

efritin office-62
efritin office-11

The company runs a flat hierarchy system so everyone gets to work at Balogun. It’s no brainy discovery why it’s modeled after the popular Balogun Market at Lagos Island.

efritin office-29
efritin office-52

My favourite thing about ‘Balogun’ is the “Bell of Sales”

efritin office-30

Once a member of staff hits their KPI, the ‘Bell of Sales’ is rung, everyone takes a break to cheer loudly for a minute or two, after which they continue with their activities. It’s one of the coolest thing I see about the new Efritin office.

efritin office-28

‘Berger Auto Market’ is the training room

efritin office-19

efritin office-20

And here’s ‘Mile 12’: where you order your food

efritin office-38

Quilox: The lounge

efritin office-39

‘The Palms’: the executive office for visiting executives and the company’s Managing Director

efritin office-44

‘Sabon Gari’: Store for verifications and delivery

efritin office-47

‘Tejuosho’: Marketing store

efritin office-49

Oil Mill: Management meeting room

efritin office-56

Dugbe:  Meeting Room

efritin office-21
efritin office-22

Finally there is a ‘Computer Village’ which serves as the Server Room

efritin office-25

I got to take a selfie with the new Efritin Managing Director, Gbenro Dara


Gbenro Dara MD Efritin-1

Do you think your office is cool? Invite me to take a tour. Adewale@techpoint.ng

Adewale Yusuf
Adewale Yusuf

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