3 awesome giveaway campaigns that will inspire you on how you can retain customers

April 29, 2016 · 1 min read
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Retaining customers in this social media age requires a lot of effort from the business owner to make sure that customers feel they are cared for as much as possible.

Most times we feel providing freebies can help retain or gain customers, which is true if the giveaway campaign is well thought out and it isn’t a selfish one. So if you are thinking of doing a giveaway anytime soon, you should watch this inspiring videos.

Make giveaways part of your way of saying thank you to your customers

If you have access to your customers birthdays. Surprise them with a token just to say ‘we are growing with you’ or ‘we are always there for you’ kind of messages.

Storify the giveaway experience as much as possible

For the serious minded folks that desire a lot of publicity for their business through giveaways, then you need to make sure that the entire experience is fun and engaging enough to drive some adrenaline.

Your giveaway should be relatable to your brand/company’s business

Make sure the giveaway drives social media conversations around your brand. You need your customers talking about you and how great your services or products are.

Emmanuel Ogunsola

Emmanuel Ogunsola


I love telling stories using text, pictures and videos. It's all about the little details.

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