You can Netflix and Chill in Nigeria for only ₦400

January 07, 2016 · 1 min read
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By now, you probably have heard that the almighty Netflix is now officially chilling in Nigeria.

Amidst the initial euphoria, most Nigerians are more concerned about the internet charges. Viewing a month’s worth of Netflix content could cost as much as ten times the subscription charge, which is pegged at the official $8.00 (₦2,000). The chill of Netflix wouldn’t be so cool any more if you have to shell out and additional ₦30,000 monthly, give or take, to stream movies.

Enter Etisalat Nigeria in shining amour to save us with an affordable pack. They announced this in a tweet sent out a few hours ago.

Apparently, this would be a slightly tweaked version of the YouTube package on the original VideoPak. A few changes here and there and the YouTube part makes way to accommodate Netflix.

However, I have plenty reservations that have to do with the speed of the internet and the time factor in the package. If you have ever used any of these packages, then you know your two hours limit might expire without having seen the movie even halfway. No thanks to the relative snail speed of Nigerian internet.

Also, what would happen to movies above two hours? You pause, do another VideoPak package and continue? Well, they might just have a solution for these challenges

Victor Ekwealor

Victor Ekwealor


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