Why we need more developers and engineers in the Nigerian tech scene

December 29, 2015
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Just before the holidays, I attended the iDEA and VGG fireside chat where founders of PrepClass.ng, Talentbase.ng, Suregifts.com.ng and Cashenvoy were in attendance. Later joining, was Bunmi Akinyemiju-- President of Venture Garden Group. The founders shared journey of their experience in the tech ecosystem, gave words of support and also took a couple of questions from other startups on the listening audience side.

One would expect that the outcome of such kind of events will be inspiring and perhaps a game changer for emerging startup founders in attendance. For me, the highlight of the event was at the point where the founders began reiterating a common notion -- the need for more engineers and developers in the tech space.

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And this takes me back to the Q&A session. While the founders were taking a question regarding what they all would require to add further value to their initiative, each of them in turn chorused "the need more developers and engineers" as their answer.


While this would appear as a little unfair and intimidating on professionals in other professions, yet one wouldn't agree more with the truth that needs be told, what is the tech space without developers and engineers? Even startups that one would expect to adopt less technology under normal circumstances have in fact adopted more of it to aid their initiative. PrepClass founder for instance was very clear when he confirmed he would fancy the opportunity to partner with a Tech co founder.

Another of the founders got me tweeting his words in para phrasal;


This claims just go a long way to show how inevitable technology is fast gaining, and more still the developers who will steer this much awaited tech revolution in Nigeria.

Going by the unfolding of this event, the very fact that all four founders wanted the same thing got me in some kind of momentary trance, one I only bounced out of when I sought the need to re-enlighten myself. In the short process I saw people -- developers and engineers ---- that would wander around instead of asking question until they finally get to their destination. Developers and engineers like to think that when they run into a problem, they can fix it on their own, and only turn to others as a last resort.  The current world is thriving on the initiatives of developers and engineers. From the common seller on the street holding a phone to the mighty telecommunications companies providing the internet services, and the financial institution services rendering one financial service or the other etc -- the strong presence of developers and engineers cannot be overlooked.

Having reassured myself of the ever growing influence of these guys, especially in the tech space, it then strikes me that their ratio in comparison to other professionals in the tech space is getting slimmer. And such is one glitch the tech space and all its known for, can't afford to allow persist. Reading in between the lines, the four founders at the event and many others out there I'm sure, at least think so, and hence their reason for wanting the same thing -- the call for more developers and engineers.

But while this is an obvious need that is already brewing in the mind of many stakeholders in the tech ecosystem, it certainly raises unanswered questions like where have Nigerian developers gone to? Are we not having enough good developers? or why are they in short supply in the Nigerian tech ecosystem?

Please drop your comment in the suggestion box to help unravel this conundrum.

Ifeanyi is a desk reporter-turned administrator. Outside of work, I love to read and travel.
Ifeanyi is a desk reporter-turned administrator. Outside of work, I love to read and travel.
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Ifeanyi is a desk reporter-turned administrator. Outside of work, I love to read and travel.

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