3 fail-safe strategies for capturing the Nigerian market

November 16, 2015
3 min read

Nigerian consumers want to stand out and keep with the trend just as they expect the products they are willing to buy to be fairly common and available.

Nigerian consumers want products that are made for them.

Nigerian consumers like products which are unique to them and which meet their needs but at the same time must be products with good quality, value, fashionable and trendy.

High percentage of the Nigerian population, which are youth, positions Nigeria as a country with high possibilities for trying new products.

'Naija' is another name for Nigeria, the patriotic name for Nigerians to show their strength and smartness. For effective product placement strategy we need to look out for diversity and some of the keys to successful product placement is understanding consumers in different places. We need to understand Naija, and the following questions will help your organisation in this regard:

How does Naija move?

How can I infuse my products within transportation networks: How are your consumers moving from place to place, this question is location based.



Marketing people in organisations need to know how people transport themselves and their goods in different localities in Nigeria. For instance, when a large percentage of people in a particular region engage road transportation more than air transportation, they need to partner with road transport workers and advertise their products within this vehicles both directly and indirectly. Traffic is a big challenge in Lagos and a lot of Lagosians move around using public transportation. For instance, Brand A decides to approach NURTW and signs up drivers on their platform, installs multimedia devices within their driver’s vehicles and pays the drivers for the service rendered.

What does Naija eat; where does Naija eat?


Understanding these questions and the answers is key for companies that want to penetrate the prevailing eating culture in the communities they are engaging.

A good way to penetrate these communities is identify with their choice of food items. This type of approach might require partnership with companies that already provide the communities with these food items and provide giveaways alongside purchase.

Easy Taxi Product Placement at White House, Yaba
Easy Taxi product placement at White House, Yaba

Also, household items (carrying the company's brand identity) that most people within that community regularly use daily can be added as giveaways to reward for purchasing the company’s products.

How does Naija relax?



‘Work hard...Play Hard’, is the common attitude with most Nigerians. Knowing the mode and manner of relaxation is important to further personalise your marketing strategy while using product placement. Some brands provide their clients with merchandises that can help with servicing their customers as a trade off for placing their brand identities on the merchandises. This is a strategic tool for selling subtle but in your face ideas about brands.

Understand the culture of the people you are selling to ... Don’t push segregation, push categories. NIGERIANS are happy people and they love premium products.

I love telling stories using text, pictures and videos. It's all about the little details.
I love telling stories using text, pictures and videos. It's all about the little details.
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I love telling stories using text, pictures and videos. It's all about the little details.

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