How to disable Facebook autoplay videos in 3 easy steps

October 05, 2015 · 1 min read
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If you have the most recent version of the Facebook app installed on your phone, you’ve definitely noticed that videos now automatically plays videos on your News Feed.

You probably also noticed that since this feature was enabled, videos are conveniently being given preference on your News Feed; every other post you scroll by is a video. Naturally, you’d expect this to take a huge toll on your data usage right? Well, not necessarily

You see, if you quickly scroll past an auto-playing video, you will notice that is stops playing immediately. Facebook assures that the amount of data used actually depends on the amount of time you spend watching a video. This means that if you scroll past an auto-lay video, your phone will use less data than if you stopped and watch.

However, if you still find the whole idea of videos auto-playing on your News Feed annoying, here’s how you can disable the feature altogether.

On Mobile

  1. Click on , top right of the Facebook app.
  2. Scroll down to App Settings in the “Help & Settings” section.
  3. Click on “Videos play automatically”. You can set videos to play on Wi-fi only or not to play at all

On Web

  1. From the top right of Facebook, click and select Settings
  2. Click Videos in the left menu
  3. Click the dropdown menu next to Auto-play Videos and select Off


If you need any help, please let us know in the comments section below.

Múyìwá Mátùlúkò

Múyìwá Mátùlúkò


I bully myself because I make me do what I put my mind to. Find me on Twitter @MuyoSan.

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