Mobile Apps are the future of Online Business in Nigeria

June 25, 2015 · 1 min read
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What opportunities exist in the mobile app ecosystem in Nigeria? These are some of the questions that Onome Ojigbo tried to answer when he appeared as guest on Tech Trends on Channels Television.

‘Mobile apps work to offer solutions that make the lives of the user better and stimulate business to move faster’- Onome.


Surely, developing applications that can run across multiple heterogeneous devices can be quite a challenge. Not only do mobile devices differ significantly on hardware level, but they are evolving so fast that there are projections that smartphones might be obsolete in 10 years from now. Onome reassures that mobile app development will still be relevant even if smartphones die out a decade from today.

Even if smartphones become obsolete in the next ten years, there will still be people using phones, so even then, mobile apps will still be very useful

Hidden mobile apps opportunities in Nigeria

Mobile apps are proliferating the globe at a very high rate. In spite of this, Nigerians are not using mobile apps that much. Onome blames low awareness levels for this. This, consequently, creates an active untapped market for app developers.

Foreign developers have already discovered this market and anyone with a keen eye will grasp the vast number of foreign apps in Nigeria. To break this trend, Onome insists on the need for training local developers. Training should be aimed at helping developers understand the target consumer and offer apps that implement unique and concrete solutions to specific problems.

The Nigerian ecosystem is ripe for app development and as the world turns mobile, Nigerian developers are presented with an excellent opportunity to tow this path. All that they have to do is carefully track emerging technologies, understand consumer needs and employ consistent, relevant and reliable development practices. Developers and businesses alike need to watch Onome’s Interview on Tech Trends for a more exhaustive understanding of the changing development cycles in the country.

Onome Ojigbo is the CEO of Mobiapp Nigeria and a renowned mobile app evangelist.

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