FuelVoucher.com.ng signs MOU with interswitch to fuel entire Nigeria

by | Jun 12, 2015

Fuelvoucher.com.ng started as a cashless means of purcahsing petroleum products(diesel, fuel, kerosene etc) and efficiently managing corporates fuel purchases, providing these corporate with detailed online reports for monitoring, budgeting and reconciliation. However aside its benefits to corporate, Fuelvoucher also appeals to individuals in that these Fuelvouchers can be remotely and electronically sent as gifts to friends, loved ones, drivers without being in close proximity to them etc.

The startup recently signed a partnership agreement with Interswitch to expand Fuelvoucher-redeeming petrol stations and payment channels nationwide and in view, to every part of Africa where Interswitch currently operates.

With this partnership when Nigerians log onto the Fuelvoucher website, FuelVoucher payments can be made via all interswitch payment channels such as webpay, Quickteller (on the web and ATM) and PayDirect, these fuelvouchers would then be redeemed nationwide at all petrol stations having the Interswitch POS deployed.

Interswitch’s partnership with FuelVoucher is to make sure every fuel purchase is automated, thus promoting the CBN cashless initiative and enabling petrol stations run overnight by eliminating cash handling costs and the risk associated with it.

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Adewale Yusuf
Adewale Yusuf

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