In case you missed it: Someone built a Nigerian pidgin dictionary, robots that eat plants, more

by | Apr 13, 2015

It was a slow news day but then most Sundays are, except a few. Some organisations however, take advantage of that and announce something incredible. That didn’t happen yesterday though. Rather, a couple of grown (and important) men decided to have a go at each other.

In Nigeria, it was the same as people were more focused on the results of the gubernatorial elections and more importantly, the possible emergence of an elected female governor but this was not to be.

  • Donald Trump & John Legere: Donald Trump in his usual feather-ruffling style tweeted at T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere saying their service is terrible and that he doesn’t want it in his buildings. John Legere responded by checking out of a hotel owned by Trump and saying a few more things.
  • The best wireless mouse ever? Logitech announced this mouse during the CES earlier this year and I have been drooling over it since then. Unfortunately I don’t have it yet but trust someone to already review it ahead of its public launch and they didn’t disappoint. No, it’s not just a mouse, it’s the Logitech MX Master. I am so getting this one.
  • An opensource repository of Nigerian names: Nigerian Names is an open source repository of Nigerian names and their meanings including their originating tribe. The source code is openly available on github and considering the prevailing Nigerian developer mode, that is very unusual. This is similar to the Yoruba Names Dictionary.
  • Twitter cuts off its data resellers: Twitter has decided to take full control of access to its real-time tweet data otherwise known as ‘Firehose’ thereby cutting off resellers like Datasift who have developed apps that go as far as monitoring tweet sentiment and emotions. Of course, the resellers are not happy.
  • Nigeria’s Urban Dictionary?: There is a new mobile app that seeks to become the Urban Dictionary of Nigerian slang and is rightly titled Slangz. So, think of your favourite pidgin and check out their meanings or even correct wrong entries. All of the ajebutter people on Nigerian Twitter may need this.

Here is a bonus – the organisation that is responsible for the general use/adoption of the internet is working on a robot that eats plants to regain its energy. Yes, robots to eat plants as food.

Oluwapelumi Oyetimein
Oluwapelumi Oyetimein

Still on a journey to fully discovering self. Someone called me a unicorn once though and another, a phoenix. Phoenicorn sounds corny, same goes for uninix but unix on the other hand… Never mind.

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6 years ago

I miss the old techpoint. what happened to techtainment?!

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