Meet The Winners of The #HackJos Hackathon

by | Mar 27, 2015

The #HackJos hackathon, the first hackathon in northern Nigeria, held on the 23rd and the 24th of March in the city of Jos, with 30 coders in 9 teams from Jos, Abuja and Bauchi in attendance. But as usual, there have to be winners, even when everyone performed awesomely. The participants worked on projects that cut across web, desktop, hardware and mobile projects.

The hackathon which was sponsored by, Gigalayer, Andela and Travel Bay, had 9 great teams in participation: Team Crystal, Team Simplex, Team Emblematic, Team Braniac, Team Emerald, Team Ivory, Team Phoenix, Team Dynamite and Team Bauchi.

According to Daser David, the head of the team behind #HackJos, they are hoping that the competition becomes an annual affair and that the 2016 edition will be bigger and better.

This is just the first step into creating a technological hub in Jos and what we will call ‘Silicon Plateau


Well, I don’t much like that name, but a tech community in the north is definitely budding. And here are the winners of the first edition of the #HackJos Hackathon:

First Position: Team Crystal

Team Crystal, comprising of Nnamdi Ibe, Emmanuel Okorie and Bebeyi Grace Abiodun, emerged the winner of the competition for their mobile-based GSM home automation system. The system uses a mobile device from anywhere in the world to control electrical appliances in the home or office. It is also able to detect temperature, light intensity and motion changes in the environment and give feedback on the state of the appliances to a mobile user interface.

Their prize is a package that includes: free tech support from Nignux Technologies until launch; one year free private account from GitHub; an android tablet to the member of the team with the most contribution from Travel Bay; 3 days free hotel stay by and 6 months of free branding and business model development work from MINDcapital.

Second Position: Team Bauchi

Team Bauchi, made up of Sotaya Yakubu and Ibrahim Timothy Onogu,  came second in the competition with their very first web development project where they tinkered with an existing project to create LokalShopper. LokalShopper is based on the idea of ‘hooks and broadcasts’, where various information may be broadcasted within a geo-community; while at the same time, some people within the geo-community may be looking for that information. LokalShopper is targeted at retail stores who do not have the time, skills or resources to run an organized retail store.

They get a 1 year free private account from GitHub and free tech support from Nignux Technologies until launch

Third Position: Team Ivory

The third position went to Team Ivory, made up of Agbo Jude Peter, Igege Precious Aduma and Manni Kitgwim Christopher, all students of the University of Jos who developed an app that generates a random number used in cryptography. The random number is made to be highly unpredictable and close to real phenomena like in quantum mechanics. The application of this app is to be able to encrypt files that are almost impossible to unscramble in a new concept called ‘multi-dimensional cryptography.”



 They receive 6 months free private account from GitHub and free tech support from Nignux Technologies.

Odunayo Eweniyi
Odunayo Eweniyi

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