5 convincing reasons you should get an IT skill as an Undergraduate in Nigeria

March 20, 2015
3 min read

Wouldn't it just be great if you could talk an older relative through the operations of a hi-tech communication gadget, or skillfully answer questions posed to you at an interview about the workings of current communication platforms that presently abound in the world of Information Technology?

That sounds exciting, right?  Then, let’s go learn!

No one is born with innate knowledge about the intricacies and exciting features of Information Technology. It is simply taught and learnt. Just like the technology greats learned to walk the ropes in the world of IT, so can you.

And just in case you are wondering why you need such knowledge, I would like to make the point again that IT is now the ‘it skill’ in the corporate world. From the world of Linguistics, to the fields of Medicine, up to the books and checks of Economics, every fiber of business is enhanced by Information Technology.


So, be you a Law Undergraduate or Chemistry major, here are five reasons why you need to know about Information Technology:

It enhances personal training

The quality of your inputs into any venture is largely determined by the quality of what you know. Your knowledge of IT can aid your discovery of online resource hubs wherein you could acquire education that would help you be knowledgeable.  I am presently taking an online course in Computer Science, which of course, is a personal training for me. If I had been ignorant on what IT has to offer, there is a great chance that I wouldn’t be engaged in such right now. The knowledge you have been yearning for could be on some webpage somewhere on the internet, why don’t you embrace IT so you could find it?

It can help you maximise your resources

You can’t put an exact figure on how much time, energy, money and other resources that IT can save you! When one knows where to go for what, then little or no resource is wasted getting there.  You could end up finding out about that job, course material or other valuables that no one else around you has found yet simply because you know an extra bit about IT.

Your workplace productivity needs it

I can tell you for free that, in fast moving corporate world, nobody will want to employ a graduate who knows nothing about MS Word, PowerPoint or basic email etiquette. These IT tools are meant to enhance productivity at work, so you must know how to use them. Even presently at school, you will agree with me that little or no work can be done without the use of IT resources. So, as you gear up for a stellar career, so must you must buckle up tighter on your IT skills.

It could be your stream of income

Your knowledge of IT could birth the next big thing in the field of technology! That’s right! You might end up so enlightened that you could start up your firm and need not seek jobs anywhere else. So, why not give it a try? If you do a research on some of the founders of trailblazing IT firms, you will most probably find out that what some of them had for IT was simply interest. No prior experience. No extraordinary mastery of the field. Just interest. This interest led them to explore and they just learnt and grew as they went further. In the course of time, they fortunately branched out and founded great companies for others to work in. Yours could be the next big story. So, why not hop onto the IT train?

It is a spine in the future of enterprise

Think about this, is there any ground breaking innovation today that does not integrate IT? None I can think of! Be it in marketing, operations or customer relations, IT is presently redefining how enterprise operates. Every progressive organization cannot afford to lack currency in the field of Information Technology because it is now a fact that futuristic innovation in enterprise and other fields of endeavor will have IT as an indispensable part of the success story. You shouldn’t be bereft of IT knowledge as well, so, learn!

I sincerely hope that this article will spur your interest in IT and help you take your productivity to new heights.

About Author

Akinola Akintayo is a Student of University of Ibadan, with love for learning, sharing and making. A communicator with interests in IT and Entrepreneurship

Democratising access to in-demand skills for 1 billion Africans | CEO, AltSchool Africa | Co-Founder, TalentQL, Techpoint Africa. Twitter: @AdewaleYusuf_
Democratising access to in-demand skills for 1 billion Africans | CEO, AltSchool Africa | Co-Founder, TalentQL, Techpoint Africa. Twitter: @AdewaleYusuf_
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Democratising access to in-demand skills for 1 billion Africans | CEO, AltSchool Africa | Co-Founder, TalentQL, Techpoint Africa. Twitter: @AdewaleYusuf_

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