How Proud Are You To Be A Nigerian?

March 19, 2015 · 1 min read
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Well…you don’t have to answer if you can’t; but it turns out that at least 65% of Nigerians are very proud to be Nigerian, according to this study by World Values Survey. About 25% are quite proud while 6% and 4% are “Not Very Proud” and “Not at all proud” respectively. The Nigerian Population is about 170 million.


Did I hear you say these stats are not bad? Against Qatar where 97% percent are proud to be from the country? No. Not so good.

Taiwan has the lowest percentage of “very proud” with 15%. Remarkably, the company with the second highest percentage of citizens who are very proud to be from that nation is Ghana; and they have a permanent feud going on with Nigerians on Twitter. What you also notice is how Nigerians are more “very proud” of their nationality than Americans where only about 52% are very proud to be American.

Odunayo Eweniyi

Odunayo Eweniyi


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