Nigerian-themed mobile games you should absolutely play

by | Jan 22, 2015

Looking for a new game to pass the time? Well, before you go downloading Subway Surfers or Temple Run 2, you might want to give these equally addictive Nigerian-Themed mobile games a spin.

Sambisa Assault


The premise of our favorite on the list, Sambisa Assault, is that it follows the gamer into the mysterious forest in Northern Nigeria, Sambisa forest; which is believed to be the fortress of the Boko Haram terrorist group currently ravaging the region. The game was released by social gaming platform for mobile game lovers, ‘ChopUp‘.

The call to action, ‘Your mission: Take out the terrorists’.

Street Tinz


Released by the Co-Creation Hub recently, Street Tinz is a role-playing game, for Android, that stimulates starting up a small scale business with #50,000 startup capital. Players are expected to make smart business decisions to turn profit. There are pitfalls however, the lure of fast money, occasional requests from your in-app mother [haha!], friends and occasional break-ins.

The games draws its context from the Nigerian social scene, and it is now available on the Google apps Store.

Danfo Reloaded II

RICOD assets final

Danfo Reloaded II starts with a Lagos map of bus routes to be conquered; it has a garage for tune ups and upgrades, as well as an online social platform called Chop Up, that allows players interact based on in-game achievements. It is available on the Nokia Store and Blackberry World. It was developed by Pledge 51.

Mind Dead


Mind Dead is a 3D zombie shooter game set in a fictional research facility in Lagos, Nigeria. The premise follows the game’s protagonist as he battles the undead raised due to the outbreak of an infection in a deserted oil producing community in Bayelsa State. Mind Dead is a product of  GbrosSoft, a Mobile App (Games) development Company that creates games set in Africa, and is currently available in the Windows Phone store and Google play store, the team is still working on the iPhone/iPad and PC versions.

Oga at the Top

oga at the top game kuluya

Following the NSCDC officer, Obafaiye Shem’s famous Channels TV interview of 2013, Nigerian gaming startup, Kuluya released a game called ‘My Oga At The Top’. The idea of the game is to pick up points from the letters N, S, C, D, C by controlling the character (Shem) and avoid getting hit by the Top-Level Domains such as .gov, .ng, etc. The game is amusing, engaging and addictive.



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Orisha is a tremendously addictive game aimed at unfussy players. The game features a variety of levels as well as vibrant graphics. It might not have the deepest premise, but it’s a fun way to let your brain wander. It was developed by Lagos-based developer, Gamsole for Windows phones.

Every game on this list is awesomely addictive and definitely worth a download. We promise.

Odunayo Eweniyi
Odunayo Eweniyi

Woman in Tech. Taking the African tech space, one step after another.
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6 years ago

I love orisha! Best way to pass time in Lagos traffic 🙂

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