NeTPlus Advisory launches NeTPlusPAY for seamless transactions

January 16, 2015
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I haven't ever really had a problem with the time it takes me too carry out payments when I’m performing a transaction online, but I have been said to be patient to a fault. I’m usually too high off the excitement of getting new stuff or experiencing crippling buyer’s remorse. But NeTPlus Advisory thinks the current online payment process is too long and a tad too complicated, and with their new product, NeTPlusPAY, they set to make it quicker and less tedious, so who am I complain?

With NeTPlusPAY, you will be able to make a payment without having to be redirected off the service site. The entire transaction is completed on the merchant’s site with you logging into your bank’s internet banking platform.  With this integration, you see payments being made immediately and are able to complete your transaction quickly, while the merchant sees value immediately in their account. Because of this speed and ease, NetPlusPay will make online payment as seamless as other electronic payment methods- and better in certain cases as payment is made immediately into the account of the retailer or merchant.


NetPlusPAY will also serve as a convenient alternative for times when you do not wish to use your cards for online transaction -- or if you just don’t have one.  Because the product links directly to the internet banking platforms of banks and uses the bank’s login credentials, the security of the transaction is guaranteed by the bank’s online banking system.  In addition, the platform is compliant with PCI DSS standard for financial transactions.


“This is just one step in helping fuel the trends we are seeing in Nigerians’ use of technology. As online transactions and e-commerce grow in Nigeria, NeTPlus’ objective is to provide tools that will make the process easier for consumers.  NetPlusPAY is a tool that will do that,” said NeTPlus CEO, Wole Faroun, of the development.

NeTPlus has already signed on several of Nigeria’s leading banks with the goal of integrating all of the country’s top banks on the platform.  First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is already set to be the settlement bank for the initiative.

The company believes that merchants, owners of online businesses and consumers will quickly see the convenience provided by the bank payment gateway and adopt it into their daily practice, and if it’s as seamless as it claims, they might just be gearing to take over.

Merchants and online site owners who are interested in connecting to NetPlusPAY to collect payments on their sites can contact NetPlus by sending an email to

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