Social Media 101 for startups

January 8, 2015
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Technology companies - every company, to be honest - should be at the forefront of using social media to promote products, services and an industry. No matter how frugal a start up is, one cannot simply ignore the part that social media plays in the growth of the business.

Creating an effective social media strategy that would work for a technological company would elevate their start up expectations and give them the much needed (and sometimes, deserved) advantage over their counterparts. So, below are some tips for companies, especially startups, to effectively optimize the use of social media:

Using Social Media to support funding

“It's no secret that venture capital firms, private equity and angel investors use Google and social media networks to research potential investment opportunities.”

Make sure to use keywords to make finding your company easily found on the social media estate because architecturally, only businesses that make themselves important and easily identifiable can be easily found and of course, patronized. This way, your funding is sure to come in through SEO, and website clicks. It makes it easy for potential investors to find you and find your business plan and take you more seriously.

Using Social Media to Listen, Measure and Execute

There is absolutely no brand that can work without consulting its customers. Polling is a way to measure the demands and expectations from your customers and with the direct response easily available via social media channels, a start up business can get their reviews in graphs and learn. One, it builds an impact on the customers with your caring attitude and secondly, it actually helps you learn about your plans and the way you should execute your decisions.

Using Social Media To Place Your Company as the Thought Leaders

Technology companies become successful when the market perceives them as having great ideas to solve the problems their customers face. Successful technology companies use social media to promote their thought leadership. The best way to do this is to regularly publish blog articles that answer the questions your customers not only have, but will have in the future. Great companies anticipate the problems and questions their customers will face, and provide answers and solutions before their customers experience those problems.

Using Social Media To Attract Efficient Employees

While promoting your company as a thought leader, the best and brightest engineers, scientists and technologists want to work with companies that are on the cutting edge of their chosen field. A good tech company uses social media to demonstrate to potential employees that you are the employer of choice and definitely are able to employ through social media channels.


There are a lot more uses companies might be able to use social media channels to achieve especially in fulfilling their brand promises. If there is more, please use the comment box below to help us out.

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Writer, People person, Techie Learner.
Writer, People person, Techie Learner.
Writer, People person, Techie Learner.

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