How to Spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone? Try iAnyGo iOS App

June 6, 2024
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Pokemon GO is a location-based game where players have access to different characters based on their location. This game requires you to move in real-time to catch Pokemon characters in the game. Who would want to walk for miles to catch a Pokemon? It may seem like cheating the game, but using the spoofing application is a must for some users.

How do I change the location for Pokemon GO on iPhone, and is it possible? We will have all the answers for you in this brief guide.

Can you still Spoof in Pokemon Go 2024?

Yes, changing location in Pokemon GO is still possible in 2024, but you will need spoofing app for iPhone. VPN can help spoof location on iPhone but it can’t offer Pokemon GO joystick. With our recommended Pokemon GO spoofing app like iAnyGo iOS App, you will be able to change location on your iPhone without jailbreak and spoof Pokemon Go with GPS joystick.

Try iAnyGo iOS App to Spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone (iOS 17 Supported)

Most location spoofing tools available in the market require you to jailbreak your iPhone. This can result in a voided warranty, and you will be putting your device at risk. The latest iAnyGo iOS App is precisely developed to offer safe location spoofing for iPhone without jailbreak.

Once you have downloaded the iAnyGo iOS App on your iPhone, it runs just like any normal app, meaning that no additional connection to your Mac or PC is required. It is a fully independent Pokemon GO location spoofer.

Scan Pokemon & Raid

iAnyGo iOS App is a feature-rich package that ensures safe location-changing capabilities for any game or social media app. The newest feature enables players to scan Pokemon and  Raids. This way, you can play Pokemon Go without physically moving.


Steps to Spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone via using iAnyGo iOS App

Using the iAnyGo iOS App for iPhone location spoofing is easy. You just need to follow the given steps to get started. We have explained the installation process in the first section and the useful features of the Pokemon GO location spoofer in the next section. On-screen instructions during the installation process will make it easier for you.

Steps to Install the iAnyGo iOS App

As iAnyGo iOS App cannot be downloaded from the App Store, you will have to download it via official page. We have an amazing deal for our readers. By using the promo code “ianygo20off” you can get 20% discount for iAnyGo iOS App. Click here to get 20% off. Make sure to redeem the code at checkout for the best possible price. Now, follow these steps to install the iAnyGo iOS App.

Step 1: Install iAnyGo iOS Assistant on your computer by clicking on the iAnyGo iOS App Installation link and login via any Apple account.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone, and after successful detection of the device, click on the "Install iAnyGo iOS App" button and allow all permissions.


Step 3: Open the newly installed app, and the IP Finder App is also installed by the assistant. Now, click on the change location button and configure the IP Finder App by following the on-screen instructions.

How to use iAnyGo iOS App Features to Spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone?

Once the app is successfully installed, you can start using the iAnyGo iOS App just like any other app on your iPhone. Here are some useful features that allow a variety of movements in the game.

Change GPS Location

Open iAnyGo iOS App on your iPhone, choose a location by dropping a pin on the map or enter the coordinates to instantly change your current location.


Single-spot Movement

Enter the coordinates of the destination or drop the pin on the map. Click on the second option from the bottom right menu and adjust the movement speed.

The program will automatically plan a route and start moving along the path. You can change the movement speed to replicate a real human walk.

Multi-spot Movement

When you need different stops in the route, start by clicking on the 3rd option from the right menu. And add stops that you want to follow during the movement. Once the movement has started, the location spoofer will start replicating the movement along the designated spots.

Joystick Movement

This is the most useful and advanced feature for Pokemon GO location spoofing. Clicking on the 4th button will activate the joystick movement button, and a virtual joystick-like control panel will appear on the screen. You can use the joystick controls to direct the movement in real time and also adjust the speed accordingly.



Can Niantic detect spoofing?

The use of premium tools like the iAnyGo iOS App ensures that your device cannot be detected for spoofing and that your account remains safe. Any free VPN might get your account suspended.

How to safely spoof in Pokemon GO?

You can use reliable Pokemon GO location spoofer to safely spoof in Pokemon Go, such as iAnyGo iOS App or UltFone Location Changer iOS app. Follow the instructions and use the cool-down feature to ensure authentic movement in the game.

How to get a joystick in Pokemon Go on iPhone?

When you are using iAnyGo iOS App for iPhone, click on the 4th option from the right menu and joystick-like controls will appear on the screen. The arrows can be used to control your movement in any direction.

How to walk in Pokemon Go without walking?

The iAnyGo iOS App or UltFone Location Changer iOS app allow you to replicate human walk without leaving your home. There are speed adjustments to replicate any type of movement up to 108km/h.


The top priority for an iPhone user should be the safety of the device and data. With iAnyGo iOS App, users don't have to compromise on any security feature or warranty as this app works without jailbreak. Support for iOS 17 and later versions makes it an even more suitable option.

You can give it a try and enjoy flexible Pokemon GO gameplay, catch rare Pokemon characters, and unlock special features. Do you need to change the current location for an app or any other purpose? This app does, and you will be stunned by the functionality of the iAnyGo iOS App for iPhone. Just try iAnyGo iOS App to play Pokemon Go Fest 2024 without ticket! Global can fulfil!

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