Asus Zenbook Duo UX8406 Review – A Laptop with Advanced Multitasking Capabilities

May 25, 2024
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ASUS has consistently pushed the boundaries of laptop design, and the Zenbook Duo 2024 (UX8406) OLED is no exception. This 14-inch 3K OLED dual-screen delight of a laptop, is a testament to ASUS's commitment to innovation, catering to the needs of modern multitaskers; content creators, developers and programmers, photographers and many more, who demand both power and versatility. At the heart of this innovation lies the Intel Meteor Lake processor, a technological leap that redefines what we expect from laptop performance

Performance Powered Laptop

Zenbook Duo UX8406 OLED maximizes all-day productivity and entertainment with up to an Intel Core Ultra 9 processor with an integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for AI tasks and projects, up to 32GB of LPDDR5x memory, up to 2TB of PCIe 4.0 SSD, a battery long-lasting 75Wh and a certified Harman Kardon audio system with Dolby Atmos. The Intel Evo Edition of the Zenbook Duo stands out for its seamless integration of multitasking capabilities and unparalleled mobility, all within a lightweight 1.35kg package. Enhanced with two full-size ASUS Lumina OLED displays with 3K resolution and a swift 120Hz refresh rate, this device offers an expansive visual experience. Thanks to its innovative hinge, which opens up to 180°, users can effortlessly expand their workspace to a whopping 19.8 inches, adaptable to both portrait and landscape orientations for versatile viewing modes. The intuitive ASUS ScreenXpert software further enhances the user experience by providing flexible interface options, including Laptop, Dual Screen, Desktop, or Share modes. Additionally, the detachable rechargeable keyboard adds another layer of versatility, allowing users to utilize the entire visual space or opt for a traditional clamshell laptop configuration by placing the keyboard on the bottom screen.

Dual-Screen Brilliance: A Multitasker's Dream

The Zenbook Duo 2024's dual-screen setup is a multitasking marvel. With two top-notch 14-inch 3K OLED touchscreens, with Dolby Vision, Pantone Validation, 100% DCI-P3 coverage, and VESA DisplayHDR 500 True Black certification., you have an expansive digital canvas at your disposal. The ScreenXpert 2.0 software seamlessly integrates with Windows, allowing you to effortlessly organize and manage your applications across both screens. Whether you're referencing documents on one screen while writing on the other, or monitoring social media feeds while editing photos, the possibilities are endless.The OLED displays themselves are a visual treat, boasting vibrant colours, deep blacks, and exceptional contrast. The 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth scrolling and fluid visuals, while the 0.2ms response time eliminates motion blur, making this laptop ideal for both productivity and entertainment.


Choose your Style and Mode

Zenbook Duo’s detachable keyboard fits between its two screens for intuitive use. This design improves portability and convenience, allowing users to use or charge the keyboard without additional configurations at any time. Pin connectors on the edge of the bottom display ensure hassle-free docking, with self-positioning magnets on the pins and corners of the second display to further enhance the user experience.

Depending on the mode you want to use the Zenbook Duo UX8406, the Intuitive ScreenXpert software allows easy control of screen content in all modes.

  • Laptop Mode: Users can place the ASUS ErgoSense Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad on the bottom screen for a traditional laptop experience, complete with a 14-inch screen and 16:10 aspect ratio. A rechargeable pin connector does this automatically. Alternatively, the bottom screen can be configured as a full-size virtual keyboard if required, so users don't have to travel with the keyboard if space is limited.
  • Desktop Mode: The laptop can be used with the hinge aligned vertically for side-by-side landscape displays. Combined with the wireless keyboard, it's perfect for programmers, researchers, writers, and those who need access to large data sheets for things like financial analysis, and more. Users can display productivity applications on one screen while the other displays reference material, documentation or research sources. Alternatively, using the ViewMax feature, they can display content across the width of the screen, giving them a massive 19.8-inch screen.
  • Dual Screen Mode: This mode offers a generous 19.8 inches of screen space and can be used with the wireless keyboard, which can function as a single expansive display using the ViewMax feature. Alternatively, the twin 16:10 displays can operate independently, with seamless window management facilitated by the App Switcher feature. This empowers users with complete control over app windows, minimizing interruptions and fostering concentration on the current task.
  • Share Mode: Allows you to easily share content in business meetings and presentations. The 180° hinge allows the screens to lay flat so everyone can see the screen without having to crowd together, encouraging better participation and discussion. Additionally, the content on the top screen can be rotated 180° if necessary.

Design and Build: A Blend of Elegance and Functionality

Crafted from 90% recycled magnesium aluminium alloy, the Zenbook Duo 2024 is both lightweight and durable. The sleek chassis exudes a premium feel, while the integrated kickstand allows you to adjust the viewing angle for optimal comfort. The detachable keyboard with a standard touchpad offers a familiar typing experience, and the inclusion of Pogo pins ensures a seamless connection when attached.

The 2024 Zenbook Duo is also blessed with impressive connectivity features. You get two Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI 2.1, USB-A, and a headphone jack, covering all the bases.

Final Verdict

The ASUS Zenbook Duo 2024 (UX8406) OLED is a testament to ASUS's commitment to innovation. It's a laptop that caters to the needs of modern multitaskers, offering a powerful Intel Meteor Lake processor, a brilliant dual-screen OLED display, and a sleek, functional design. Whether you're a content creator, a data analyst, or simply someone who demands the best from their technology, the Zenbook Duo 2024 is a worthy investment.

Learn more about the ASUS Zenbook Duo 2024 (UX8406) OLED here.

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