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May 20, 2024
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In recent years, the digital revolution has reshaped the global economy, leading to a surge in international business, remote work and the rise of freelancing opportunities. One notable trend as a result of this is the increasing reliance on Nigerian talent by companies worldwide.

For Nigerian workers & business owners, this is a dream come true. However, despite this boom, there exists a major challenge that comes with this increased demand: receiving international payments.

The issues faced by Nigerian freelancers, employees and business owners when receiving international payments are numerous. Some of these include:

  • High transaction fees associated with using domiciliary accounts
  • Poor rates applied on USD/NGN exchanges
  • Long delay times in identity verification

All of these contributing reasons result in poor user experiences when accepting payments from clients and employers abroad.

Introducing Super

Super is the very solution to this problem. A groundbreaking digital finance platform designed to address the unique payment struggles of Nigerians everywhere.

It does so through a set of innovation features that meet users where they are:

  • Virtual USD Accounts
  • Virtual USD Card
  • Plus Additional Features
  • Best Exchange Rates

Virtual USD Accounts

Business owners, remote workers and freelancers receive a personalised and fully functional virtual USD bank account. With this you'll be able to receive payments from anywhere in the world that you can then exchange for local currency such as Naira.

Furthermore, these accounts can easily be integrated into external freelancing platforms and payroll solutions such as Upwork, Deel and more. 

Virtual Dollar Card

Knowing how difficult it is to make international payments as a Nigerian, Super also gives you access to unique virtual dollar cards, which you can use to spend.

With a high acceptance rate, Super virtual dollar cards can be used to make purchases on your favourite e-commerce platforms such as Aliexpress. As well as initiate subscriptions to your favourite services such as Spotify, Netflix and more.


Best Exchange Rate & Low Fees

One of the biggest issues Nigerian freelancers and businesses have when receiving international payments is high transaction fees. You've worked hard to earn your money, you shouldn't have to pay massive fees just because you want to get paid. It's painful and we understand. 

And is another key reason why Nigerians everywhere are flocking to Super: the great rate on USD to NGN exchanges. In comparison to other providers, Super consistently provides 2% - 5% better rates, meaning that you can keep more of what you earn. 

This is because Super does not impose any additional fees or hidden markups. These are tactics that existing providers will commonly use, hence why Super without a doubt offers the best rates.

The Best Exchange Rate


Getting Started

Getting started with Super is a straightforward process, all it requires you to do is:

  • Visit Super’s registration page and sign up for an account 
  • Go through the simple KYC process, of which you’ll receive approval in 24 hours or less
  • Once approved, you’ll have access to your USD account and virtual dollar card!

Super prides itself on an exceedingly simple KYC process so you aren’t required to give up tons and tons of information. All you have to do is provide basic details and you’re all set. 

For Nigerian business owners, remote workers and freelancers, for receiving international payments Super stands out as by far the best choice. 

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In conclusion, Super has emerged as a response to the pressing need to simplify international payments for Africa, especially in Nigeria. With a mission to empower people operating in the global economy, Super is a crucial tool to have.

With Super, You have access to virtual USD accounts, virtual dollar cards and can accept USD and EUR payments conveniently. All geared towards saving you your valuable money and time.

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